Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{Review} Dragon's Keep by Janet Lee Carey

The main character- Rosalind- I loved her so much. She was such a strong character and so easy to love. She was a princess and she had a rough time keeping her secret, but she cared deeply for other people. 

The Dragons!!! Those mean old crazy ass dragons! 
I love how the dragons can understand humans and speak to them. There is nothing more frightening than being eaten and being told about it by a dragon beforehand! :D It's awesome and I <3 it!

Kit!- <3 That girl... just... oh! I wanted her to have a story of her own, she was so sweet!

The Queen- .........?......She just changed so much in my eyes. 

The story-line itself felt like it was developing into an epic finale.... and some parts of the story just dropped off or were not addressed.. but I still love this book. I mean, all the buildup was so great. Some parts were slow, but I liked them because they helped you get to know the characters better and learn about the history of the problems in the area. My favorite part of the book was the middle. A lot of effort was put into that storyline.. Well that part and the very last part. 

I really really really love Lord Faul. (you can thank this character, himself, for one of those stars. :P) Who is that? You have to read the book to find out. He was a bit of a jerk, but he had his reasons and he was awesome!

The romance was there... but it was severely lacking. If I was rating this for the romance, it would only be so- so. I mean the love interest was a great character... I just wish I had learned more about him. I mean.... gah. It had real potential, I think. (: I really felt like the ending was rushed... when I was nearing the end and saw how few pages I had left, I was wondering how the author could possibly address the problems that arose in the book before the story ended. I was a little bit disappointed with the abruptness, but I still loved the last few pages. 

What kept the book together for me? Rosalind, Kit, the herb- talk, general medieval setting of the book, and those bad-ass dragons that kept eating people! :D And the dragon- speak. I mean.. whew. You thought Mandarin Chinese was the most difficult language to learn.

For those who enjoy Dragons<3, strong characters, a medieval world, royalty, betrayal, and a dash of romance. (:

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