Sunday, April 14, 2013

{Quick Review} Die For Me by Cynthia Eden


Die for me is a new romantic suspense book from Cynthia Eden. This book was paced really well and I especially enjoyed the characters. Even Michael, the Valentine Killer had something to like about him. He may have been a deranged psychopathic serial killer, but he had a soft spot for Katherine. I loved that the book contained a U.S. Marshall witness protection, Medical examiners, EMTs, Detectives, pro-filers, SWAT teams and other cool or respected professions dealing with crimes and killers. The story-line itself was, I felt, well told. I felt like the romance was a little abrupt between Katherine and Dane, but other than that, I felt like their characters were true to their situations. The best part of a suspense book, however, is if the author can pull off a twist... This author most certainly can. I actually really enjoyed the 'serial killer/ suspense' element in this book and will be reading more romantic suspense by this author in the future.

A must for fans of Criminal minds. It had murder, romance, murder, romance, murder, twists, murder. psychos, romance..... (: Well, you get it. 

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