Guest Posts

Top 10 Reasons to See a Hockey Game
Eliza Gordon

Just Like Every Teen Needs a Cell Phone, Every YA Story Needs…
Allie Burton

Courage and Love: Romance and Journey to Wholeness 
Pamela Aares

Top Things
John A. Theo 

How to Handle Pressure: Writing Under Deadlines
Stephanie Witter

The Inspiration behind CATCHING A SORCERER
Sarah Walker
to catch a sorcerer

Inside the Mind of a Writer
Michelle Muckley

Inside the Mind of the Author
Kenneth Murray

Top 10 Favorite Books
Jade Eby

I am determinèd to prove a villain  
(Villains as Protagonists)
Danielle L. Jensen

How to Avoid Zombie Neglect
Contributed by Ally Barolucci, Founder of Citizens for Zombie Rights (book character)
Michele vail

Finding Inspiration
Ellie Hill
Hunted Dreams

A Day in the Life of Carlyn Greenwald
Carlyn Greenwald

Character from Zombie West Trilogy
Angela Scott
[blogger questions]

The Every Day Joe Essentials for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
Angela Scott
Author of
The Zombie West Trilogy

Three things I learned while writing Blood on the Moon
Cassiel Knight
Author of
Blood on the Moon

Norse Mythology
St Bende

Writer's block
Nikki Rae

Christian Schooner
Author of
Zenn Scarlett

Top 10 Inspiring Books To Get You In The Mood To Travel
Virginia Cunningham

Author Made Character Interviews

Edward Davis

Interview with Lord Clayworth
Elements Club character

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