Tiffany and I both love to read and review books. And while we do share a lot of the same interests in reading material, we do not have identical tastes. So, if you would like for one of us to review your book, don't be afraid to ask. We love Indie Authors and Published authors. Heck, we just love authors in general. Without you, where would we be? So ask us and if we are not busy, we would love to review/ promote your book. Email us and we will get back to you when we can. :) We check our emails and spam folders daily. Also if one of us is on vacation, the other partner , then, daily checks both of our emails. :) If our calendar is full, or we are not accepting requests at the time, we will indicate so below this post in a huge, bold, and probably colorful fashion. :) We will eventually be open to requests again, though, so check back at a later date. 

We accept print copies, ARCs and some eBooks for review. Although print books are preferred. 

Accepting to review your book does not guarantee a timely review, nor does it guarantee a positive review. (see negative review and general time frame sections below) Also, submitting a review request does not guarantee we will accept to review your book. We hate to say no, but not every book is going to match our tastes. With that being said.. Please do not submit a book to us that needs an immediate review. We do have a lot of books to review and it will take some time. Please understand.

We are currently only accepting a limited number of review requests. It helps filter out how many books we request for review. Since ebooks are so readily available to request, we tend to go overboard and load down, which makes it hard to get to them all within a reasonable time period.(: We still love you! Please come back as we would still love to help you get the word out on your book(s). Feel free to email if you have any questions, though. (:

What our reviews consist of:

All of our reviews will be completely honest. If we did not like certain elements in the book, we will say so. While our main goal is to help author's promote their books, we do not want to lie to readers in order to do so. (See Negative Review segment below) :) 

Our reviews vary, but mostly consist of how we liked the books, the characters, a short summary of the book, what we disliked about the book,  as well as the covers. We post our reviews on our blog, our Goodreads, our Amazon page, and will post on Barnes and Noble or other outlets if requested. We also post links to our reviews on our facebook page, Google + pages, as well as our twitter account. 


We both read: Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult books
We BOTH prefer a story with a bit of romance in it. 

We are both open to:  Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, Apocalyptic, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary romance, Science Fiction , Historical fiction, and Fantasy. Again, we prefer a little bit of romance in the mix with all our genres. 

General time frame:

The turn-around for a book review depends on a number of variables. School, work, family engagements, the ever- growing pile of to- review books, and reading ruts affect the return date on reviews. Yes, we factor in reading ruts. It happens to a lot of us bloggers. We do have to take breaks from reading every now and then. We also factor in what we are in the mood for. Sometimes we start a book and find we are not feeling it right that moment. Continuing to read it would reflect poorly on our feelings about the novel, so we generally wait til we are feeling more receptive towards that specific genre. There is not a general order to the "to be reviewed" pile. Although print books do get first priority for reviews. Long story short, a review may take anywhere from a week to many months before it is reviewed. I apologize for any inconvenience, but we are doing the best we can with the time we have. 

Negative Reviews:
We will not be outright rude or hateful about a book we do not like, but we will post negative reviews. There will be some books submitted for review that we will not like. You are submitting your book for an HONEST review, not a POSITIVE review. Positive reviews are just icing on the cake. It's just a part of the process of having a book submitted for review. Please do not take it personally. We appreciate the time and effort that goes into writing a book and even if we do not like the book, you are still out biggest hero. 

We would also gladly accept requests to feature: interviews, cover reveals, giveaways, promotions, and guest posts. We have done so and enjoy letting our followers know about your books. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us. Also, if we are currently closed for review requests, but you still have a question, please feel free to email us. I promise we aren't mean people. (: 

You can contact us at:

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