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Stacking the Shelves #33

Stacking The Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews in which we share the books we are adding to our shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

Hey peeps, it’s Stacking the Shelves time again. I know it's been awhile since we posted, but we are going to start doing a monthly STS now. Snyder and I just don't have the time to do them every week. This week though since we've gotten so much will consist of things we've won. Next month or whenever we post he next STS will be what we've bought and what we've traded for.  :( Also don't forget to show us some love by leaving us a comment and leaving a link to your STS. Read on peeps, read on!!!!!

 Tiffany’s Stack
Won: Books/Swag

The Gathering by S.L. Dearing

Thanks to Reading for Fun

Otherborn by Anna Silver
I got the bracelet for doing a cover reveal and The Dark Light Bookmark from Sara Walsh. :D

The Awesome Rebecca Ethington sent this to me b/c the necklace that I won never came in.

 Rapture's Edge by J.T. Geissinger
I won this over at J.T. Geissinger's Blog. Her book are awesome and you should look them up.

I got this swag from Jerry Smith Ready for signing up for her newsletter. 

Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting

Ryan's Stack

Won: Books/Swag


Fiery Edge of Steel by Jill Archer

 Masquerade by Cambria Hebert
Charade by Cambria Hebert
Tirade by Cambria Hebert 
Renegade by Cambria Hebert

Carpathia by Matt Forbeck
Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher

Broken Elements by J.A. Marshall

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Aberrant [Review + Dream Cast + Giveaway] Amaze-balls Dystopian Novel! :D


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In the future dystopian society of Cabal, the government instills equality for all and offers its citizens the perfect system.  There is food, shelter and jobs for everyone.  The one requirement is to follow the rules without question, including the government's match in marriage and "The Day of the Chosen", a lottery that randomly selects families to conceive children as natural means hasn't existed in generations.  Following her eighteenth birthday, Olivia Parker accepts her requirement to marry her childhood best friend, Joshua Warren, and is eager to start her work assignment and new life when it all comes abruptly to an end as she's arrested and thrown in prison.  The only crime committed, her existence.  Olivia is unlike the rest of the world born not from "The Day of the Chosen."  The truth haunts the government and puts her life in grave danger as one simple fact would destroy the         perfect system.
With Joshua's help, Olivia breaks free of prison and is forced on the run.  Together they set out to find the promised rebel town in search of a new home and new life together.  Their situation seems less than promising as they reach the town of Haven.  New rules and customs must be adhered to in order to stay.  Leaving would mean most certain death in the large expanse of the Gravelands.  Time is running out as the government mounts an attack to destroy Olivia and bury her secret with her.  Thrown into a world unlike their own, they must quickly adapt to survive. 

Ruth Silver

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Ruth Silver attended Northern Illinois University and graduated with a Bachelor's in Communication in the spring of 2005.  While in college, she spent much of her free time writing with friends she met online and penning her first novel, Deuces are Wild, which she self-published in 2004.  Her favorite class was Creative Writing senior year where she often handed in assignments longer than the professor required because she loved to write and always wanted to finish her stories. Her love of writing led her on an adventure in 2007 to Melbourne, Australia.  Silver enjoys reading, photography, traveling and most of all writing.  She loves dystopian and fantasy young adult stories.  Her debut novel published by Lazy Day Publishing, ABERRANT is scheduled for release April 2013.  Ruth has been actively writing since she was a teenager.  She currently resides in Plainfield, Illinois.


O.O As always, having recently finished the book, I am unsure where to begin. And then there is the added obstacle that I am going to have to try very hard not to gush and reveal any spoilers. What I can say is that this is a book that will be hard for you to put down. No... seriously. I read this book in less than four hours sitting on my bed with the kindle right up next to my face. (I was lying on my back half the time, so I literally put myself in danger reading this book...but you know what? I would say it was worth it.) 

In the beginning, I was sort of here and there as to whether it was going to be a book that would suck me in. I sat it down for a few minutes (about 20-30% in), but when I went back to it, I have no idea what happened. I guess the author just hit her stride in her writing at that point and from then on in, I was glued to my kindle. 

What can I say about the Dystopian world Mrs. Silver created in the book? Um.. I like it. I like it A LOT. *insert crazy eyes* The whole book was sort of messed up and this one word just kept popping into my head- REALLY? Yes, that was the word. Oh, did you think I meant messed up in a way that is negative towards the author. NO SIR. It was messed up in a... "I feel so bad for the characters in this book... but I love their suffering and want to read more".. kind of way. What? I never claimed to be a saint. That is why we read Dystopians. We don't read them for sunshine and unicorns, people. We read them because it is someone else in these horrible situations with the suspense, mystery, and espionage. And I definitely got more than my fair share of messed- up society in this book. and I loved it. 

Have you ever read a part in a book that would be seemingly insignificant to other people who would read the same book, but for some reason that one tiny tid-bit of story- line stuck with you. There was this one point in the book when the author was going back and explaining why the world had become full of "infertile" people (not a spoiler. :P It was in the blurb. HEY, I CHECKED, BUDDY) that was that tid-bit for me. It linked back to something that I had learned in my "science of human aging" courses in college. And since that little bit of information checked out scientifically with me and the little bit that I actually know about biology and human- kind in general, it lent (Lent looks wrong. But I am using it. or... allowed. yeah. we will go with allowed) It Allowed that much more credibility to the back story in MY mind. I always love when a small portion in a book I read registers something in my mind like that. It's like I am actually USING some of the crap I learned in school! :D Momma would be so proud. 

I always say something about the characters and the Villains  now don't I. They are- after all- a big part of the story. 

Whoah- hang on. Before I get to them, one more thing to add. Nice job with the foreshadowing, Mrs. Silver. At one point while reading, I read a line, looked up from my kindle and looked at my friend across the room and said, "Oh, no she is not about to pull that. No way! No way!" only to have to follow up the initial outburst a few minutes late with an, "Oh hell, no. She did. She did it. I cannot believe this! I'm not sure how I feel about this.. but I kind of love it..."
And if that is not enough to capture your interest, YOU ARE HOPELESS. but I still love you. [Yeah, I threw out the "L" word.]

Back to the characters!

Olivia Parker- The book is told in Olivia's perspective. It was impossible NOT to grow to like her more and more throughout the book. I am looking forward to seeing how she will grow as a character in the sequel, though. And so many things happen to this poor girl. When I was reading the book, I kept thinking of this one expression:

Out of the frying pan and into the fire. (and then... back into the frying pan.... then back into the fire. I mean... O.O There was some hardcore- and at some times- confusing situations for this girl in the book. I really felt for her and cannot wait to read more about her in book 2!)

Joshua Warren- hmn. I really liked Joshua. He had his one little dip- shit moment, but other than that, he was a solid character who I would absolutely LOVE to have as my best friend. If.. you know what I mean. *wink...wink...* no? ok. Moving on. :D Crushing- aside. If I was on the run from a government hell bent on doing yet- unknown things to me (muahaha. spoiler.. denied!) there is no one I would rather be stuck with than this guy right here. 

Oh my gosh, this review is so LONG. I am so sorry. I am going to stop there at those 2 characters. They are the two most important ones anyway. OK  I do have a few more things to address real quick. Bear with me. 

  • I never really got a description of Olivia and Joshua. Other people, sure, but not them.. 
  • There are so many villains . I am unsure who..."The" Villain is. Maybe everyone is a Villain! :D I would love that. I loooove bad guys.
  • There are so many questions that are left to be answered. So many things that need to be addressed. SO many things that are bothering me that I cannot learn until the next book *sobs*
  • I will DEFINITELY be reading the next book. 
  • It was sort of a cliff- hanger.. but sort of not a cliff hanger... 
  • I like how the end of the book set up what I assume will be the main thing in the next book. So I have some little tiny itty- bitty sample of what is to come. And yet I do not because this author is good at throwing surprises your way and I will in no way be able to know what is coming... I both love and hate this. 
  • I squealed at the point in the book where the title makes sense. What? I was beginning to think I would never make a connection. :P  -95%- just sayin'
  • I admire the author's creativity and the main focus of the book. It had me nodding my head at times in admiration. 
Ok. Seriously though. Stopping now

If you enjoy a story that will make you thoughtful (well, I never thought about that. thanks, now I will have nightmares), angry (how dare such and such! Those *%&#s), giddy (yes, I was giddy and squeal-y at this one part at the end.), upset (dystopian world.. hello), tired (for staying up til 4 am reading the book), and eager for the sequel.... then read it. You know.. if you want to. O.O 

Dream Cast 
(as chosen by Author)

If your book was made into a movie and you could cast it, who would you cast? 

Olivia Parker - Elle Fanning. 

Joshua Warren - Dylan Sprayberry

Samantha Parker - Anna Torv

Rebecca Warren - Poppy Montgomery

Chancellor Collins - Tony Amendola

Jacqueline - Molly Quinn


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{Cover Reveal} Scorched Treachery by Rebecca Ethington

HEY GUYS!!!!! Today I get the honor of spreading the word about Rebecca Ethington's Cover Reveal of Scorched Treachery!!!!! EEP!! I'm sooo excited. Rebecca is totally awesome and you should look her up. :D Now I'll stop rambling now and show you the HOT cover. ;)

  Title: Scorched Treachery (Imdalind #3)
 Author: Rebecca Ethington
 Expected release date: July 12th 2013
 Genre: Paranormal (with action and romance)
 Age Group: Young Adult
 Cover designed by: Okay Creations

 While Joclyn is trapped in the tormenting hell of Cail’s mind, the battle around her only continues to grow and spread. * Edmund has infiltrated the underground hallways of Prague, guiding the massacre that would end the lives of the last of the great magical race. In her attempts to stop him, Wynifred has been captured and her magic restrained. Chained up in the ancient dungeons of Prague, her fate is left in the hands of her father, who has tried to kill her before. With Ryland’s screams and Sain’s fragmented sights as her only company, Wyn must rely on something that has been hidden deep inside of her for centuries to help them break free. * Ilyan’s whole life has been building up to one purpose. Protect the Silnį»³. He knows what he must do, and he has no doubt in his ability to do so. But when his father’s magic removes Joclyn’s mind from her body, he is left protecting the shell of the one person he loves. Desperate to find a way to break her free of her prison, he makes a choice. And that one choice changes everything. Now, Ilyan finds himself bound to Joclyn in a way that he never knew to be possible. They say that blood is thicker than water, but Black Water burns, and Ilyan’s heart may not be strong enough to keep the water pumping through his veins and give the girl he loves back into his brother’s care. Even if he can, it may not be safe to do so.

 Reading order: Kiss of Fire (1), Eyes of Ember (2), Scorched Treachery (3) 

 photo RebeccaEthington_zpsdb867f4c.jpg   About the Author 

 Rebecca Ethington is a story teller and author from Salt Lake City, Utah. She has been telling stories since she was small. First, with writing crude scripts, and then in stage with years of theatrical performances. Rebecca’s first stint into the world of literary writing, The Imdalind Series, was released in October 2012 and since its release each book has been found in several top 100 lists on Amazon. Rebecca is a mother to two, and wife to her best friend of 14 years. Her days are spent writing, running, and enjoying life with her crazy family.

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Hey Guys!!!! I just wanted to let ya'll know that I'll be participating in the Innocent Darkness read-Along hosted by Suzanne Lazear herself!!!! This is my first read-along and I'm so excited. Never heard of Innocent Darkness, well now here is your chance.

(Click the pic to find out about Innocent Darkness)

 Innocent Darkness is the first in the series and the read-along is to get ready for Charmed Vengeance.

 The Read-Along starts July 1st and will end Aug 2nd. below is the schedule. :D

July 1-7th: Prologue-Chapter Six
July 5th : Twitter Chat 1 pm PST/4 pm EST #IDreadalong
July 8-14: Chapter Seven-Thirteen
July 12: Twitter Chat 1 pm PST/4 pm EST #IDreadalong
July 15-21: Chapter Fourteen-Twenty
July 19th: Twitter Chat 1 pm PST/4 pm EST #IDreadalong
July 22-28th: Chapter Twenty-One – Twenty-Seven
July 26: Twitter Chat 1 pm PST/4 pm EST #IDreadalong
July 29-Aug 4: Chapter 28-Epilogue
Aug 2: Final Twitter Chat 1 pm PST/4 pm EST #IDreadalong

Want to be a part of the Read-Along CLICK HERE

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{Review} Shadow of Time by Jen Minkman

All Hannah needs is a nice and quiet vacation after her first year of teaching French at a high school. She joins her brother Ben for the summer in their mom’s log cabin in Arizona. There, she meets Josh again, Ben’s childhood friend from the Navajo reservation. The little boy from the rez has grown up fast, and Hannah can’t help but feeling more for him than just friendship.

But fate apparently has something else in store for her. And it’s not peace and quiet. Night after night, Hannah is plagued by strange nightmares about the past of Navajo Nation and terrifying shadows chasing her. They seem to come closer – and why is Josh always present in her dreams?

Sometimes, the past has a way of catching up with you.


 My Review:

Hannah just wants to relax with her brother Ben after teaching French for a year. When she gets to her brother's place, she catches up with her old friends, Emily and Josh. Josh isn’t the little boy that she remembers and he’s been acting strange around her. While she tries to figure out her feeling for Josh, she is being plagued with nightmares and being followed. She thinks she’s going crazy, but she knows that Josh has something to do with it.

Josh has secrets that he wishes Hannah wouldn’t find out about, but he knows it’s impossible to keep things from her. Is Hannah ready to find out the truth? Well she going to find out whether she wants to or not.

Sometimes the past won’t stay buried.

There were only two things that really bothered me about this book. So the first thing that bothered me was Hannah was a little obsessed with Josh for the first 50 pages. After that she calmed down. Another thing is that it felt kinda like an insta- romance. Josh and Hannah really didn't do anything to get to know each other. Well there was one time, but that didn’t end so great. Other than that.. I loved the book. I loved all the mystery surrounding the book and the dreams. What do they mean? Is she really crazy?? I kind of had a clue about what was gong on, and then I didn't.(does that make sense?) Also it was fascinating reading about the Navajo, their traditions, and how they live. It was pretty exciting stuff. I can’t really say much without giving anything away, but I just want you to know that you need to read this book. It’s like those movies that you watch and at the end it shows you what you missed and you realize that everything made sense all along, although it was a bit confusing at first. It was pretty cool.

Overall: A very enjoyable book that has a little bit of the past, present and future.

Hannah: She was so awkward, it was funny especially the first time she meets Josh again. I came to care for her, and there was one part of the book where I was sobbing for her. Other than that, she keeps a level head about everything. I mean, even though she thinks she is going crazy and after everything that she learns. She not your typical butt kicking heroine, but she is tough in her own way.

Josh: During the whole book his feelings were so all over the place, he gave me whiplash. He is a 17 year old guy that is wise beyond his years. He is pretty well admired for a 17 year old and a lot of people look up to him. He is trying to make a difference at the Rez, like building a school and keeping the kids off drugs. It’s a lot for a 17 yr old, but he handles the weight pretty well.

 3.5 Stars

Jen Minkman (1978) was born in Holland, in the town of Alphen aan den Rijn. When she was 19, she moved between The Hague, Salzburg (Austria), Brussels (Belgium) and Cambridge (UK) to complete her studies in intercultural communication. She is currently a teacher of English, career counsellor and teenage coach at a secondary school in Voorburg, Holland. She tries to read at least 100 books a year (and write a few, too!). She is a published author in her own country, and translates her own books from Dutch into English for self-publication.
In her spare time, she plays the piano, the guitar and the violin. For every novel she writes, she creates a soundtrack.

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