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No Brainer by A.J. Lape Blog Tour {Excerpt + Giveaway}

To read my review of Grade A Stupid, the first in the series CLICK HERE!!! :D

Two weeks before junior year, Darcy hops a plane to Orlando for a little R&R with her best friend Dylan and his family. Fresh off the heels of solving three murders in Valley, you'd think she'd sit back and enjoy the vacation capital of the world … maybe if you're a noun. Darcy Walker, however, is nothing but verb.

Before her feet hit the Orlando soil, she's meddling in the disappearance of a five-year-old boy who vanished six months earlier.

With authorities still no closer to solving the case, Darcy is shanghaied by her impulsivity and runs headlong into that proverbial burning building, convinced she can bring him home.

She travels down a road that not only follows this missing child but branches off into the corrupt and sinister world of mob activity when she tampers in a case on which Dylan's detective grandfather is working.

After a near disastrous midnight meeting in a warehouse and a date with a mechanical bull, Darcy realizes she might've bitten off more than she can chew. Add the boiling flirtationship with her best friend and the appearance of his romantic rival, and she is in over her head.

Will she survive a life of flirting with death too easily? Or will her flirtationship with Dylan become the actual death of her instead?

For a girl with a habit of finding dead bodies, No Brainer gives Darcy Walker more of the same…surprising twists and turns…and running for her life.



Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel’s not the hereafter … it’s a train.
We’d made it home in one piece, but as soon as Zander crossed the threshold, a whirly siren steamed like a locomotive while laser lights flashed like we were escaping Alcatraz. Good God Almighty, he’d set off the alarm.
“Darn,” I mumbled.
“Sh-sh-sh-shoot!” Zander shouted, hitting the deck. I didn’t need anyone to spell it out to me, the click of a 9mm handgun told me Lincoln was cocked, loaded, and aiming for a torso.
Zander stuttered as a child. When that happened, all he could manage was “D” instead of Dylan. I picked it up over the years because I didn’t want the boy’s infirmities to be more pronounced than they already were. In general, he grew out of it, but occasionally it cropped back up when he was scared. Problem was, the boy just yelled, “Shoot” when Lincoln had a gun. My guess was he opted against profanity, but in this situation, it might’ve been best if he let the four-lettered alternative fly.


“I’ll never need anything or anyone to point me in your direction. I always … feel you.” Dylan Taylor, No Brainer

About the author

A. J. lives in Cincinnati with her husband, two feministic daughters, an ADD dog, a spoiled hamster, and an unapologetic and unrepentant addiction to Coca-Cola. She studied English, Journalism, and Political Science at Morehead State University and left the business world when her daughters were born. Her love for suspense and a good story was born from watching Mystery Science Theater with her sister during childhood. That and any B-movie with comedic undertones they could get their hands on.

From a small town in Kentucky, her sister and she lived in their imaginations on a regular basis, and A.J.'s love for the bizarre and paranormal still holds true to this day. She loves roller coasters, scary movies, and haunted houses and the weird sense of accomplishment it gives her when she can make it through without keeling over.

If Life has taught her anything, it's the need to acquire a wicked sense of humor, come up swinging, and to never, ever give up...no matter what obstacle is in front of you.

When she's not riding that razor-thin line between creativity and insanity, she likes to read, watch too much cable TV, or cheer like a banshee at her daughter's sporting events.

A. J. loves to connect with fans! You can find her via Twitter and Facebook or send an email.
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ajlape
Twitter: http://twitter.com/darcywalker13
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ajlapeauthor
Amazon Author Page: amazon.com/author/ajlape
Email:   aj@ajlape.com


 1- $30 Amazon gift card, 1- autographed copy of No Brainer, 4- Ebooks (either Grade A Stupid or No Brainer - winner's choice), and 2- SWAG pack winners (SWAG includes signed Iniquity Engineer bookmark, signed postcard of both books, and refrigerator magnet of both book covers)

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