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On The Spot Interview [+Giveaway] with Jess Watkins [YA Prarnormal]

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Today on the blog, we have the lovely Jess Watkins, who has graciously agreed to an interview. (: We are super thrilled to have her here. Jess is the Author of the YA book, Girl Meets Underworld. She has also decided to bless one of my awesome followers with an eBook copy of her novel. She is such a doll! Well, lets get this thing started. :D

1) Do you have a favorite place where you love to write? 

JW: I like to write by a window as sometimes I see something outside that gives me inspiration.

2) If you were writing a book about your life, what would you title it? 

JW: Hmm maybe There and Back Again (totally just stole that from J.R.R. Tolkien). 

4) Was there a certain author or book that influenced you into writing?

JW: Lord of The Rings. (: 

5) I figured as much. On your blog, I read that you are sort of a die-hard Lord of The Rings fan. Who is your favorite character from the books? (: (For the record, I have all 3 and the hobbit, but have not had the opportunity to read them yet.) 

JW: My favourite character is Sam because he's the unsung hero. 
(You have to read them! I prefer the Hobbit)

5) Do you have a favorite character in your series? If so, can you tell me who it is?

JW: Hmm it would be either Stella or Conner... probably Conner.

6) How many books do you hope to have in your Girl Meets Underworld Series, if you don’t mind me asking? 

JW: At the moment I'm only planning on there being two Girl Meets Underworld books but who knows I may end up writing more.

7) The title of the book, Girl Meets Underworld, Is intriguing. Can you tell me a bit about that choice or would that be a bit of a spoiler? (: Feel free to say no comment. Or change the subject.

JW: It's a play on the TV show 'Girl Meets World'. The working title was actually 'Afraid of the Dark'.

8) There are a lot of strong elements that appear in this book (which freaking sound awesome, by the way). Do you get extremely attached to your characters? If so, how do you react when you have to write a scene that is going to be particularly hard on them? 

JW: I get attached to some of my characters which does make writing some scenes quite challenging.

9) I would like to end off the interview with something fun. Can you tell me something fun/random/wonky/crazy about yourself or your writing habits?

JW: Umm well I guess something random would be that lots of my story ideas come from my dreams!

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Having lost her mother and brother, Stella stands on the roof of her building, about to jump. She is stopped by a handsome young man, who jumps first. Somehow, he survives and Stella soon discovers that Conner holds a dark secret and more than a passing connection to her own unhappiness. 

But Conner isn’t the only man to take an interest in Stella. Will is dangerous. He has mood swings, a crazy older brother and the ability to heal abnormally quickly. Stella knows what Conner is, but what exactly is Will – and why does he appear to know more about Conner than she does?
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  1. How much say do you have over your book cover?
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

    1. Hi Meghan,
      I was shown two rough covers and chose one of them, saying what I liked about it. The publishers then made the final version which I love. If I hadn't liked it the publishers would hopefully have changed it, taking my dislikes into consideration!
      Hope that answered your question :)

  2. The cover for this book is absolutely gorgeous. I have seen a lot of book covers over the years, but this one is intriguing. The synopsis made me even more interested. Thank you for the giveaway!


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