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Blade Song {Review by Ryan}

Kit Colbana—half breed, assassin, thief, jack of all trades—has a new job: track down the missing ward of one of the local alpha shapeshifters. It should be a piece of cake.

So why is she so nervous? It probably has something to do with the insanity that happens when you deal with shifters—especially sexy ones who come bearing promises of easy jobs and easier money.

Or maybe it’s all the other missing kids that Kit discovers while working the case, or the way her gut keeps screaming she’s gotten in over her head. Or maybe it’s because if she fails—she’s dead.

If she can stay just one step ahead, she should be okay. Maybe she’ll even live long enough to collect her fee…
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Okay. I just want to say that this book was AMAZING. It is one of my favorite books ever now. When I finished it, I ran around the house gushing about it to all my non book- loving family. I told my mother (actual book- lover!) that she was not allowed to read another book until she read it. I also ordered the second book in the series from Amazon before I was even done with this book. You know me. I love a good assassin book. I love a good romance with a hot guy. I love the romantic and sexual tension. I also love all the paranormal factions mixing and the discontent! I love the discontent and the imperfect society. I just love it all. Now, I just want you to know that I waited a day to write my review because I did not want to overwhelm you too much in my ranting and raving. My obsession has faded but I still adore this book and the characters... I love the characters!

Kit: I love Kit's back story and I love her all the more for her rough life. She is a bad ass aneira (well, ok. She is half aneira/ half human. aneira is like an Amazonian. You know, a bad- ass, take no prisoners warrior woman!! Like Wonder Woman. :P ) She is just so incredibly easy to love. Well, for me anyway. I am a big fan of sarcasm and bravery in my characters and she has those characteristics by the ton! :D But she is also half human so she has her weaknesses as well. She is not perfect- far from it actually- and she knows it. She is one of the coolest characters I have come across (that I can remember... I read a lot. lol.) I mean, her fight scenes aren't nearly as bad- ass as other femme fatales I have read about. Which by the way are my favorite! Bad- ass chicks who are assassins(slash private detectives) or thieves or pirates or... or.. or something equally as awesome. Or just a woman who is not afraid to stand up to people who would stand in her way. Kit is NOT afraid to say what is on her mind, regardless of the consequences. And her smart mouth gets her into trouble plenty- Something frequently annoying Damon, (hunka- hunka. O.O. :D)her appointed guard for her current assignment. 

Damon. Damon, Damon, Damon. I <3 you. At first, you pissed me off a little. But then you showed me your true colors. And it was not an unbelievable magical transition. You were still you... I just understood you better and LOVE you for it. I absolutely adore some of the things you say. You can be a real charmer when you want to be. I am going to stop talking like I am addressing Damon. I am starting to freak myself out! ...I love how he is still flawed. Okay, really flawed. He may be beautiful- as Kit refers to him in the book. (That girl is crazy. I love it!), but he is sort of a major jackass- but in a forgivable way. You know what I mean. (: He is great. <3 

I love the banter and fighting that goes on in this book. There are too many quotes I could have shared.. but since it was not an eBook, I could not highlight them. (: Oh well! You probably wouldn't have found them as amusing as me anyway. I have a twisted/sarcastic sense of humor. ;)

I love the way this book was written. You know how some books have this funky style that distracts you from the actual story. This book is written in Kit's perspective and I could find no fault in the way it was written. This may still be the gushing left over from yesterday taking over, but hey. <shrug> There were however, some typos in the book. Yes, I notice these things and remember them. I am aware, I am a freak. O.O It was small things and there were only 3. maybe 4. but I am pretty positive of 3. and they were just things like...: [and then I got into the into the car.] Which threw off the flow of the story, but was not enough to stop me from flipping pages like a mad- woman to find out what would happen next. The story is not over, but not to worry! The sequel is on it's way! :D UPS/MAIL LADY, we never give you enough credit. But we book lovers <3 you! :D <glare> as long as you don't lose our books. Or deliver them all bent or crumpled. Or wet. Or leave our mailboxes open after you deliver our books. I hate that! I mean...someone smashed my mailbox in with a baseball bat and it won't stay closed unless you push on it..... but still. The crazy cat lady next door may see a package and steal my dang books! D: (getting weird now. Gonna stop.) Back to the subject at hand... LOVED THIS BOOK!

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  1. Ryan wait till you read Night Blade, you are going to hyperventilate! :-)

    1. Jackie, I actually wrote this review back in the beginning of February and read Night Blade right after it in march. My. Mind. was. blown. how could she do that to us? HOW? D:

  2. Ryan tell me about, I am do bummed but so excited to see where the author takes this next and 2014 is soooo far away!!!!!

    Have you read any of Shiloh Walker Hunter series or her Grimm or her Veil books?

    When she announced she was using a new pen name and self pubbing a UF series called the Colbana files I was intrigued and then read the book blurb and excerpts and was totally captivated!

    1. I have Hunter's rise and have been dying to read it! But I want to start at the beginning of the series (even though there is quite a few)I also have the first book of Grimm (with Candy Houses and no prince charming) but have not read it yet. (: they are both signed. hehe. <3<3 But I have been wanting to read Hunter's Rise for a while, but I have other books that I need to review for authors and tours, so it has to wait. D: And I asked her and she said she already had the third Colbana book written, but it had to go through all the edits and stuff and man, next year!! D:

  3. There is a good excerpt or two she posted from BB on her site a few weeks ago, hopefully next time she releases the books the third will also be in print do I can add a signed by author copy to the shelves with BS and NB.

    I had a bunch of the hunter series books on my shelves but had not gotten to read most if them and a signed to me copy won from Shiloh of Hunters Fall. Back in 2011 we lost our home over Labor Day weekend to Wildfires that crippled Bastrop County here in Central Texas by wiping out most of both State Parks and 16,000 plus acres along with almost 2000 homes county wide, hundreds of my books had been with me for over twenty years and losing the lot of them both new/ used read/unread almost put me in a padded room. Especially as 2 or 300 of them were my Dad's who passed away in 2009.

    The worst part is that all several hundred signed by author review books that I had collected are just a fond memory as well as I do not travel to signings due to distance from most and no one to go with me so my signed by author shelves are very slow going.

    Ryan it has been great, glad to chat with another "rabid fan" and am off for a while as dirty dishes and a quick shower before husband comes home are calling my name.

    1. D: oh. my. gosh. all your precious books! I hope your family was okay. That must have been very difficult, even without losing your books. I cannot even imagine.

      I have never been to a signing. *sigh* Not many in Alabama anyway. I received (the very few signed books I do have) from giveaways. And she had better make the third one available in paperback format. Although my copies I have are cut uneven and are flimsy, (due to the backwards publisher she uses) I freaking love them. lol. :D And it has been fun. Enjoy your week and I look forward to having more "rabid" conversations again. ;)

  4. Ryan we three made it out with a few suitcases of clothes, our three house pets, our prescription medicine, my desktop Mac computer, my Kindle DX reader, my husband's IPad, our cells and chargers, pet carriers, pet food, cat litter and litter boxes, the shoes on our feet all of our vehicles and very little else.

    I am mourning over a year later our photo albums, all our 35 mm negatives, our family videos and all the precious useless personal items from childhood my husband and myself have carried around over 30 years of marriage and 8 different moves .

    1. I am glad you and your husband got out of it okay. I never addressed your comment about your father and his books. I am sorry for your loss. I lost mine back in 2010 to a heart attack. You never get over that. Today is actually his birthday, so it has been especially hard. (: wow. 30 years? congratulations. I hope when (who am i kidding.. if. lmao) I get married, I can find someone to tolerate me for half that long. You never really think about how much those mementos and photos mean to you until they are gone, I guess. I am really glad you got your pets out, though. That would scar me if I lost my dogs. I am one of those freaks who adores her dogs. O.O It's not weird. They'r my babies... ;)

  5. WOW a biliophile and a pet lover, hot diggity I hit paydirt stopping by the blog!

    Ryan my father died on Father's Day 2009 after a hard fight with Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes and eventually Dementia. It was a horrible time as he and my Mom were together 52 years and she lost her best friend and I lost my Hero.

    We were thankful he did nit have to go through the events of 2011 as we did because it wiuld have been an even worse nightmare to have an elderly disabled man in the motel rooms we lived in for 10 days along with my husband, my Mom, my 2 cats, my Chihuahua and myself.

    We were fortunate in the respect that my husband managed to get together with the insurance agent and our settlement allowed us to purchase another home on the other side of the county we live in and we started over 2 weeks after the fire. There are some people in the area who are still working on cleaning and rebuilding.

    I hear you on the "furbabies" as we never had children and iur pets are it, four legged furry children who make it worth getting up in the mornings.

    I too am sorry for your loss, Dads are special and you do not get over losing them but the good memories help with the pain eventually.

    On the marriage front, we are lucky we were friends growing up and even now we are buddies and as far as putting up wuth someone that many years that is exactly right you both have to overlook and overcome all the goofy quirks that we each have and just love your spouse despite them.

  6. My dad died while I was at school in January 2010. He called my mom told her he didn't feel good, then chained up the dogs and opened the gate for the paramedics. My parents were together for 30 years before dad died. (My sister amber and I were late babies.. but I have a 32 year old sister, too) We have been keeping a close eye on my mom, which we have been able to do since my sister and I still live at home. (we go to a local college. I'm 19 and she is 20)My sisters and I didn't fare too well at first, but it is actually sort of scary how much easier it has gotten. I actually feel guilty some days because you just move on with your life. 52 years?! WOWZA!? That is a feat. O.O.

    And I am glad he did not have to go through the loss and confusion with you. My grandma had dementia. It is really hard to see someone you love sick. I am sorry. Congestive Heart Failure sounds painful. O.o. Thank god, you were able to get insurance to cover a new home.

    haha. furbabies. Yeah, I have had bear for 7 years and Donatello for 4 years. They are trouble- makers, but they really helped me through losing dad. Especially, my dog Rollie who I had for longer than the both of them. But she went missing in 2010. I live in a shady neighborhood and she was TAKEN. ):. And that is why my Christmas presents for December 2012 were microchips for my other dogs. lol. I highly recommend microchips.

    (: That is what my mom tells me. You should always marry your best friend. Haha. must. get. past. freaky. things. spouse. does. ;) I know mom was always fed up with dad because he was a goodball. He had the weirdest sense of humor. She says I take after him. I have noooo idea what she is talking about. O.O :]


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