Thursday, April 11, 2013

Celebrating Bloggers Blog Hop

Hey guys! I know a lot of you out there are fellow bloggers and authors who blog. And since I freaking love you guys and love interacting with you, I signed onto this blog hop to share my warm and fuzzies with you. You guys are the greatest. 

We have been blogging for almost a year now. (1 year on May 8th. Woot, Woot). And I can personally attest to the amount of dedication running a blog takes- and Tiffany and I run this one together! When we first started out, things were a little rocky. But it was not that way for long. We received a warm welcome to the blogging community through our fellow blogging community and right away we found a home here. A few young ladies in particular helped us out a lot and we are incredibly grateful. We have mentioned if before on the blog, but our friend Lissith wasted no time contacting us when she saw we were struggling to create an appropriate blog image and she designed out blog for us for free. She is such a doll! The vast majority of the bloggers I have run into have been kind, honest, and funny people and I am better off for knowing them. They are blogging and talking about their passion every day and it is just such a wonderful thing to see. And if you think that sounded like a bunch of fluffed up, lovey-dovey, mush-tastic crap..... then you should know I don't do warm and fuzzy very well. ;) We seriously love the whole blogging community and the give and take of information. You guys freaking rock ;) [muuuuch better]

To visit the other blogs participating in this hop, refer to the below linky.
I know. I know. It was a short post. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW, if you so please, TELLING ME WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT THE BLOGGING COMMUNITY, BLOGS, BLOGGERS, OR.... well. yeah. just those things. ;) 

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