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[Review] Lover Divine by A. Star [Tour + Giveaway]

Lover Divine

Lover, Divine by A. Star 
(Mythos: Gods & Lovers #1) 
February 25th 2014 
Adult, Mythology, Romance
Born into one of the wealthiest families in Ireland, Siobhan Law has status, privilege, and a secret: The Greek gods of Olympus and their kingdom in the clouds are real, and her family acts as one of their agents on Earth.

When the beautiful immortal celeste Liam Argyros shows up claiming to have come to Earth to deal in the affairs of the divine, Siobhan finds herself unable to resist his charms. New to the game of passion and seduction, she quickly ends up in over her head, sinking deeper with every attempt Liam makes to win her over.

But Liam’s divine mission is far more complex than she ever imagined and nothing is truly as it seems. Because Liam has a secret of his own: He is Apollo, Olympian god of the Sun, and his mission will never be complete until he has claimed Siobhan’s heart forever.

My thoughts are all over the place when I try to sit down and review this book. On the one hand, I want to be mad at Apollo and demand that Siobhan deserves so much better than the life she is destined for. By today's standards, I want to scream that an injustice is being done to her and that Apollo is not worth it. But on the other hand, I can put the book into a perspective where I view if from the Greek mythology standpoint. The Greek gods were some messed up deities and nothing ever turns out like you think it will for them. I felt like this book followed that crazy pattern as opposed to the contemporary pattern, even though the book is set in modern day Ireland. 

Going back to my anger, I thought Siobhan's family were dense and uncaring individuals who ruled their family with very archaic rules. They kind of weirded me out a little with their antics, but they freaked Siobhan out, too. I appreciate that the stuff that offended me or that I found outdated or unfair were also seen that way by Siobhan. That lessened the blow a lot- the fact that she saw the craziness as well. 

I think, all in all, I can look at it from the crazy Greek myth side. It was a very enjoyable story, even if it was full of archaic belief systems- some of which set my teeth on edge. 

I loved the parallels with music that are mentioned. That is a very beautiful part of the story. 

I have sort of begged off talking about the characters, because I realize that a lot of the stuff that upset me about the book was centered around Apollo. I have had some time to think and he is a centuries old God who is spoiled and used to having things his way, so the story is basically realistic in that sense. I can forgive a lot of what he did, because it was a damn entertaining story, but I am still irked about some of the more permanent ways he manipulated Siobhan. But aside from that, I found him funny, charming, and sexy. 

Siobhan was very entertaining and I liked that she tried to be her own person in her oppressive world she lived in with her family. I have great respect for her. She tried to live a modern life in the modern world, when her family was stuck in the traditions of the past in order to coincide with and serve the gods. 

I loved the interaction between Siobhan and her best friend. She was crazy! She was a little pervert, but you can't help but to love her. 

Those romance scenes were steamy and hot- hot- hot! A big thumbs up for the steam factor. 

I understand the book is a sort of prequel to the Oracle series by Diantha Jones. This book has sparked my interest in the other series since everything is tied to it. I loved the way the author did this- it was very well done. 


A. Star

A. Star is a fan of dirty passion. She likes to read it, and she damn sure likes to write it. Her first adult romance/fantasy novella is called Invasion, an alien romance about sacrifice. Lover, Divine is the first release from the Mythos: Gods and Lovers series. Future releases under A. Star include, King, Desired (Mythos: Gods and Lovers #2), the Love & Steampunk series, the Purr, Inc. stories, and more.


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  1. Apollo def sounds like a complex character though. Glad you still liked some aspects of him even if he's not always likeable. It does sound like a very entertaining read! Glad you liked it overall! :)


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