Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cover Characteristics - Jackets

This is a new Meme hosted by Sugar & Snark.

Each week we will post 5 different covers that have the same theme/characteristic. 

This weeks theme is Jackets!

 So I couldn't get the pics in the order I wanted, so just look at the numbers to see what order they go in lol

2. Bitter Disenchantment by Shawntelle Madison
5. Everlasting by Candace Knowbel
4. The Spider by Jennifer Estep
3. Full Blooded by Amanda Carlson

 And my favorite cover with a Jacket is......DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 1. Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris

 Ryan's Picks

 5) Greta and the Goblin King. Mostly I picked this one because there is actually a cold environment in the picture. lol. That means they are ENTITLED to wear those jackets. 
4) Devil Without a Cause. I just... *sigh* I love this cover And that jacket is badass. I mean.. If he is seriously cold enough to wear a jacket, he should think about donning a shirt.. but.. I really don't want him too.
3) Ashfall. I am dying to read this book (waiting for 3 to release) Both the people are wearing jackets, so I was like.. double the awesome. haha.. or not. 
2) The Mirrored Shard. I want to read this book as well, but I kind of liked the uniqueness of her jacket. Plus, the colors are pretty, too. 

and my number 1 pick for jacket cover? 

1) Origin. *winks* hello, there. *fans self* I see you... um.. forgot your shirt. Thank you, Daemon. Thank you... 

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  1. Urban Fantasy books all seem to have jackets on their covers! I love the cover for Everlasting!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. They do, don't they. Because it's cold in the city. ;) Or I guess it is. lol

  2. Great picks! I especially like Unravelling and The Mirrored Shard. Although there's nothing wrong with a shirtless Daemon Black either. :)
    Thanks for stopping by my CC! :)

  3. Yeah, those 2 were awesome. And I hear ya, Petra. lol.
    No prob. Thanks for stopping by ours. (:

  4. both your faves definitely are walking towards...perhaps, to each other? Nice choices!

    1. haha. A clash of book characters from 2 different books. AWESOME. lol. But Daemon is walking towards me.. so. yeah. ;)

  5. Such great picks! I think Unraveling is my fav!

    Sorry that this weeks post is a little late!
    Thanks for joining in last week :)

    Sugar & Snark


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