Monday, December 9, 2013

Still need hosts for New Adult Time Travel Romance (promos/guest posts/reviews) for January 2014

Sign Up HERE:
You do not have to have a blog. You can post a promo on Facebook or review on Goodreads (or similar site) to count as your "blog post" This is an option for future promotions as well. BMTS tours just needs to be tagged on Facebook or I need the link to your review on Goodreads (or similar site). Signing up and posting gets you entries into the Host Giveaway (Do not have to be registered host. Just need to post on your date with a valid post. Although being a registered host would gain you more entries. I check for valid entries for my hosts and helpers.) I add more prizes to the host giveaway contingent upon the number of (valid) entries. More promotions will be available in the upcoming year if you would like to sign up to be notified of upcoming promotional opportunities (all of which gain you entries into future host giveaways) then sign up as a host or follow BMTS Tours via bloglovin, GFC, email, Facebook, or Google +. (networked blogs, linky, etc. will be available soon as well.) If you already follow, Book- Marks The Spot, then I also announce new and upcoming tours on here. 

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  1. Just shared on FB and g+, hopefully that helps! I know how it sometimes to fill those last few slots!


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