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Death of a Mad Hatter [Review + Giveaway] Blog Tour


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If the king loses his head, then the Queen with a Bleeding Heart would rule the Red Court until Time ceased to move forward. When a second carried on for infinity, every creature in Wonderland would tip their Hat to the misfit girl with a Boy’s name (or was it a boy with a Girl’s name?) who’d end the Reign of Terror. However, it all hinged on the One-Eyed Hare being able to convince an uninspirable Heir that the impossible was indeed possible—like stopping time—and that Love was worth a Beheading.
Heads would Roll…Hearts would Break…In the end, would it matter who Reigned?  

Sarah J. Pepper:

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(I’ll be posting several insights behind Death of the Mad Hatter here)

 I specialize in dark, paranormal romance – think “happy ever after” but with a twisted, dark chocolate center. Real-life romance isn't only filled with hugs, kisses, unicorns, and rainbows. True-love can be more thoroughly described in times of darkness and tribulation. It’s in those harsh moments where you see what a person is truly capable of – both the good and bad. Sometimes prince-charming isn't always on time, and the glass slipper is a little snug. However, it doesn't mean Charming is not Mr. Right, and who says every shoe is the perfect fit?

 Mini excerpts:
“Madness looks good on you.” Pg 67
“You belong in a straightjacket instead of a pretty dress.” Pg 244
“I’m logically impaired.” 293
“If you jotted down all of my ill-thought out comments, you could write a book entitled, Guide to Getting Punched in the Throat for Boneheads.” Pg 273
“Little mad, good. Lots mad, blissfully dangerous.” Pg 293
“One moment Alice Mae and I were sworn enemies—like a superhero to a villain.” Pg. 129
“Her lips should have a warning label posted: Highly addictive.” Pg 123
“Wonderland was a magical world where the most far-fetched dreams come true. Alas, it is also where intoxicating nightmares run rampant.” Pg 24
“What a silly notion—dying for love. Ugh! (Cue eye-roll)” Pg 5
“Out of all my ill-fitting hats, one has never given me a headache like you do.” Pg 120

“Out of all my ill-fitting hats, one has never given me a headache like you do.”

“I’ve only begun to give you a headache,” she whispered and turned around and walked down the steps.

She got to the landing before I was close enough to grab her wrist, stopping her escape. She wiggled, freeing her hand. When I refused to back off, she moved her leg like she was going to knee me in the groin, so I completely closed the gap between us, pressing my hips against hers. She had no movement to strike.

“I’m done with this charade!” I yelled even though we were millimeters away from each other.
“Everything you say doesn’t make a lick of sense. Why did you come here? Surely it wasn’t just to annoy me.”

“Just because you don’t understand my way of thinking, it doesn’t mean that I don’t make sense!” she yelled. “You’re such a—”

“A what?” I interrupted. “An Otherworlder?”

She stepped closer, even though I hadn’t thought it possible, making it clear that I hadn’t intimidated her. Even though I was taller than her, she stood on her tip toes, making us closer to the same height.

“Actually, I was going to say that you are such a boy! What’s an Otherworlder, Ryley? I’m not sure that word even has a definition, or did you make it up? Now, who sounds crazy?” she said, spreading her arms wide.

I’d forgotten about everyone else in existence. Everyone was staring. Judging from the context spoken, I did sound more insane than she.

“What is Wonderland, Alice Mae?”

“Do you not remember anything?” She seemed genuinely frustrated.

“I’m not in the habit of remembering places I have never been, you stupid girl!”

“Don’t call me that!” She socked me in the gut. Normally, I would have thought it cute that she tried to attack me since she was so feeble, but today it only aggravated me.

“I was alerted that your father’s car had moved,” Alice Mae said. “Was he able to answer any of your questions?”

The hall got so quiet, not a single person coughed. I wanted to rip the damn rabbit’s head off, but it was in my backpack that I’d dropped when I noticed the hat carnage in my locker.

“My dad is not around,” I said.

“Interesting phrasing,” Alice Mae said, analyzing my comment. She tapped her finger on her chin like she was deep in thought. “You didn’t say he was dead, nor did you confirm it. Perchance you and your mom made up a series of lies about him?”

I had to shut her up before she told everyone the truth! I wanted to strangle her. I hated how she could completely destroy me with a few simple words. She knew my deepest secret, and now she was telling the whole school about my whacked-out dad!

“—where does he live Ryley? I can’t seem to remember its name. It was some kind—”

I slapped my free hand over her mouth. She bit down. I pulled my hand away. Teeth marks were embedded in my skin. Smirking at me, she licked her lips.

“You instigated this war!” she said. She spoke more loudly. She was right. Her voice did carry. “Your father isn’t dead. He’s insa—”

In a stated of extreme panic, I did the only logical thing I could think of to shut her up.
I kissed her.

This book, you guys. I have no idea how to get the words on this post about how amazing this book was. The book is told in alternating viewpoints, focusing on the two main characters- Alice Mae and Robby (mostly Robby). They both had their own unique voice which totally helped sell the whole boy and girl from different "worlds" thing. Alice is her own person and doesn't give a da** what anyone else thinks of her- I love that about her. She is a refreshing character who made me giggle from all of her crazy. Robby is a regular teenage boy trying to score the hottest girl in school- and managing it quite successfully until Alice Mae steps in and shoots his plans all to he**. She may have ulterior motives, but you cannot deny the chemistry between those two. Even though they both want to kill each other. :D hehe.  

I LOVED these two characters. You can tell they have some fiesty/adorable/ awkward/ angry chemistry from the excerpts. (Yes, I did just use those four adjectives together. And awkward chemistry is so a thing. Because I say it is.) I just enjoyed their interactions so darn much! I want more! 
I actually liked most of the other characters as well. They each brought something great to the story. Yes, the villains were even awesome and sadistic. O.O The Mad Hatter and the Red Queen, man. O.O Let us not forget that da** cat. There was some serious evil going on there. I love it! 

The book is dark and can touch on some very deep aspects, but is told with an overall wonky Wonderland quality makes it such a pleasure to read. I kept laughing at some of the strangeness. There were, of course, some dark parts which only added more depth to the story and made it an even greater pleasure to read. 

I love twists on classic stories, but Pepper took the book and turned it into something completely unique and wonderful (ha. See what I did there?). Some aspects are similar to the original novel and yes completely different. Very well done. 

I love the way the characters are thrown into each other's worlds. Wonderland was strange- but come on, Wonderland is supposed to be strange and hard to understand. I like that the characters had to navigate through each other's versions of normal. I read the whole book in one sitting and STILL. WANT. MORE. 

Betrayal, murder, villains, romance, one normal teenage boy, and one strange teenage girl. Throw in a world where anything is possible, a meddling bumberbabbit, and a curious cat and you have one he** of a nutty adventure. (:


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