Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Scorpio Races {Review}


Wow. What to say about this book. I can honestly say that I loved this book. This is my first book by this author and I definitely plan to read her others.

 I just absolutely loved the premise of deadly animals that are more predator than horse. They are something to be respected and feared. But also loved. These animals were amazing. They are nothing like regular horses. They would just as soon eat their rider than nuzzle them. But they made the story. I felt like I was reading a horror story for parts of this book. The author does not sugarcoat the book with niceties and sunshine. No ma'am. She is a true author and is not afraid to step out of the realm of normal in order to create an amazing book. 

The romance in this book was so sweet and believable. I was so so SO SO happy that there was no insta- love. I hate that mess. The romance in this story won me over. 

Puck is wonderful. She is smart and I love the bond she and her horse, Dove, share. She is sort of a smart-ass, which I love. And she is a very brave young woman. I love that her and puck are older and are not adolescents. I much prefer a story with characters around my own age than too much younger or too much older. (I am almost 20).

Sean is awesome. He is not outgoing, but he is not a recluse either. He just doesn't say much. No, he is not the "major jerk" or is the "sweet rich boy" but he was just perfect to me. He is described as plain looking, but his character is extraordinary. And his relationship with Puck and his water horse, Char, just warm my heart. 

While there is romance in this book, it is also about a beautiful friendship that developed between a man and a woman, the bond between a brother and a sister, a woman and her horse, and a man and his best friend. 

There was some horrifying imagery and some beautiful imagery. While we all know that there are no such things as predatory horses that come from the sea, the book is so well grounded that I can almost believe these creatures exist. I mean, we have explored more of outer space than we have our own oceans. You never know if something as magnificent as the capaill uisce might actually exist. I am unsure of what time frame the author had this book set in. I mean, Americans visit the island and there is talk of visiting California and eating sharks. And tennis shoes and automobiles are also mentioned. This leads me to believe that the book is set in modern times, but the feel of the island itself and the simpleness of life there would leave me to believe, otherwise. I like the contrast. 

The story was a little slow- moving throughout and did not pick up until certain scenes, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Probably due to the wonderful characters, the violence, the romance, the horses, the danger, the friendships, and the cozy yet strange island world I was introduced to. (:
A great read for readers who like sweet romance, danger, friendship, unique fantasy worlds, horses, and the psychotic murderous predatory capaill uisce<3
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  1. Great review. I loved this book just as much as you did. It's unique and you are right the imagery is horrifying and beautiful.

    1. Thanks.(: Have you read her other books? I am sort of dying to dive into one of them. Either Shiver or the Raven boys. Suggestions?

    2. The Raven Boys was fantastic. If you enjoyed Scorpio Races, I think you'll enjoy The Ravens too :)

    3. (: I am most definitely reading it this summer, then. Thank you<3

  2. I loved this book but it was a bit slow. Still, a 5 star read for me and one I'll definitely be rereading :) Great review!

    1. That was the only problem I had with it as well. It just dragged in some places. But, you are absolutely right. It is definitely a book worthy of re- reading. (:


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