Monday, March 25, 2013

Heather Walsh {Author Interview} :D

Alright people! Today I have the lovely Heather Walsh, Author of Dented Cans, her debut YA novel! I reviewed this novel a few weeks ago here.
She is such a sweetheart to agree to an interview!
1) If you were writing a book about your life, what would you title it?

HW: Dented Cans. Oh wait, is that one taken?

2) Do you have a favorite character from Dented Cans? If so, can you tell me who it is?

HW: Ben. He’s pure innocence, so it’s hard not to favor him as much as everyone else in the novel does.

3) Did your family have any quirky habits that drove you insane like Hannah’s family does?

HW: Of course! Doesn’t every family? That’s what makes holidays such fun. My Dad really did buy lots of dented cans, for example, but my brothers and I thought this was more funny than annoying. I try to laugh as much as I can in life, but of course that’s easier said than done sometimes.

4) Now be honest… a lot of this book takes place in Disney World. There is a lot of description in here.. 
How much time did you spend there doing “research”? <grin>

HW: Oh boy. Lots. My mother is Disney’s biggest fan, so we went there often as kids. But in order to afford these trips, we had to employ some of the penny-pinching you see in Dented Cans. PB&J sandwiches, for example.

5) The siblings, Hannah and Ryan, do not care too much for Disney world in the story. Do you share their opinions?

HW: I had many great memories in Disney, especially in the water parks. But I did sometimes get exasperated with it when I visited it as a teenager, for many of the reasons Hannah and Ryan do.

6) This book has some pretty strong elements in it dealing with some pretty sad stuff. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but was it hard for you to write a story with these “elements” in it.

HW: Yes, it was. I become quite attached to my characters, so when I have to write difficult, emotional scenes for them, it does affect me.

7) I hear talk of you working on another book! I do not want to pry too much, but can you tell us anything about it? Maybe even just a general time frame you hope to have it out?

HW: Yes, I am indeed hard at work on the next novel. I plan on publishing it in the fall. You will be pleased to know that this time, it’s a love story. I promise to give Books Marks the Spot a sneak preview before it’s published!

8) I would like to end off the interview with something fun. Can you tell me something fun/random/wonky/crazy about yourself or your writing habits?

HW: I love to write while I take walks (it’s a talent) or when I am on a train or bus, preferably seated at a window. I’m obsessed with Sarasa Zebra pens. I own about 50 of those guys.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! I cannot wait for your next book and hope to have you on the blog again for it’s release. (:

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  1. The title of the book caught my attention. After reading this interview, I know I have to add this one to my list.

    1. :D I am glad the book sounds like something you would be interested in, Jade. Thank you for stopping by. (:


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