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{dual Reviews} Wird Girls + Sealed with a Curse by Cecy Robson

[Read in January, 2013]

AH! That was so amazing. I have to wait forever to read the next book! The teaser for book two did not help one freaking bit. Whew, I think I have a new favorite author. This woman is hilarious and makes some Bad- Ass characters. Celia is my hero! :D

I loved how she made all the sisters so unique.. and yet they all have the same profession. Each of the sisters was distinct in my mind. I mean, if you asked me right now, having read the book yesterday, I can tell you certain personality traits each sister possesses. And I loved all of the sisters. They are so freaking awesome. I kept changing my mind as to who was the most bad- ass and therefore, my favorite. ;) All in all, I can't really choose a favorite out of the sisters. I love Celia, though. And her powers are so wicked! I love how Mrs. Robson was NOT afraid to go out there and write a book with such strange and new characters. They are all so quirky and loyal. They really got to me as characters (I have two sisters and I used to be that close to one of them when we were children, so I totally got the whole "I would die for you"thing. :P ) Anyways, Characters= amazing. 

The story is told from Celia's perspective (yay) and she is such a hoot. She is tough as nails, but also shy and awkward. She is my hero. Some of the things she said in the book are totally relatable to us normal gals. I loved that. Even though Celia was a cursed woman full of ninja-assassin awesomeness, we can still relate to her as a woman. (: Nicely done. 

sexy as hell vampire (no, really... extremely sexy...god- like, even!) with loads of money and a family in danger who seeks the sister's help after making their lives hell (haha. gotta love it)

:D SEXY WERE with an ax to grind with the rich and beautiful Micha. Weres are protectors of the mortal realm, and therefore, he has to get involved when vampire business goes bad. SIZZLE- this guy is hott. Sorry, I am a little bit obsessed. ;)

Oh, he is adorable! He is a sweet genius who is obsessed with all things paranormal. :D So cute!

Um. Okay, I loved this guy. He was a side character, but he was awesome. His personality was so silly and charming. He is such a jokester and is always giving Celia and her sisters a hard time! Ah, I love him! I hope he is in the rest of the series. more. hehe. Plus, I just know there is a story there somewhere. I mean, the guy is a lone. HOW DID HE BECOME ONE. I must know more about this intriguingly hot and funny werewolf.

Oh, Emme. Emme, Emme, Emme. She is such a doll! She is so sweet and innocent and blushes so much. :D She is so adorable. I just want to protect her from all the evil. 

haha. This girl is awesome. She is sexy (and trust me, she knows it). She is so snarky and sarcastic. Some of my favorite lines come from this character. I love her!

Dude, this girl is so FREAKING COOL. She has a nice easygoing personality unless you mess with her sisters. I cannot tell you what she can do, bit just know it is so COOL. :D She is sort of hyper and says Dude a lot, which is really endearing. 

Sexy werewolves

STORYLINE = Almost Amazing. maybe a 4
I loved how she wasn't afraid to GORE it up. I mean, whew some of those scenes got pretty descriptive and I felt like I was reading a horror book, but It's fine. 
However, I felt that, while the story-line in the first story worked, I felt a little confused as to one aspect of it. Then again, I may just be an idiot, so... yeah. I hope I can understand the second one better. Oh, I will read it. I waited forever for this one to come out and now I have to wait again for the next installment. LIFE. *sigh*

So..... I am going to need the author to release the next book...NOW! *cries*

And the sneak peak at te second book! Do not EVEN get me started on that. It sounds so creepy and I cannot wait! New favorite series/author.

This was so much longer than I was expecting and it was good. I mean, REALLY good. It was almost as good as the actual book, itself. haha. I am getting a little out of line here. I loved how we got to know each of the girls and I love how we really got to know all of Celia's fears, emotions, and what is really important to her. It helped solidify her as a strong character in my mind. Plus she was, you know, TOTALLY BADASS in this novella. I loved every moment. Even the harsh ones. It was so GOOD. D:

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