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[Review] Here's Looking at You

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What if the last person you wanted to see was the person you needed?
Here's Looking At You is, in essence, an ugly duckling tale. Our heroine Anna returns to school after fifteen years for a reunion. School doesn't hold happy memories for her, as being a roly poly Italian (known as the Italian Galleon), and always armed with a Tupperware full of pungent Mediterranean food, she was bullied incessantly throughout her years there.

Now in her 30s, Anna wants to put the past behind her once and for all and face up to the bullies who made her life hell. But she is much-changed from the girl she once was - all curves and because I'm worth it hair - and no one recognizes her when she arrives. Losing her cool, she backs out on her plan for revenge and slinks off, hoping never to be reminded of her years at school again.

But fate gets in the way, and after the reunion her path keeps crossing with James - major hunk and Anna's major crush back at school. But alas, as a crony to the bullies, Anna to this day believes that his beautiful exterior hides an ugly interior. As they continue to cross paths a love/hate relationship ensues until eventually something shifts, and they both start to discover what the person underneath is really like…

Full of laugh out loud humor, Here's Looking At You is a novel about facing your demons and being happy with who you really are

Mhairi McFarlane

Mhairi McFarlane was born in Scotland in 1976, and has been explaining how to pronounce her name ever since (MH=V sound!). She is the author of You Had Me At Hello, and is based in Nottingham where she’s a freelance writer and blogger. You can follow her on Twitter: @MhairiMcF. Goodreads.

Here's Looking at you follows the two main characters from the third person point of view.

I really liked the main characters in general... but at the same time I sort of hated them. (don't pull any punches there, Snyder. lol) The characters are so real and they tackle some real life prejudices and choices that everyone has to make- whether in high school dealing with horrible situations and people or in the adult world dealing with jobs and relationships. 

I could relate a lot to the deeper insecurities of both of the characters- especially Anna. I will say that at some points, I really wanted to punch James in the throat, however. He could be a pain.. but seeing as how I was able to see things from his point of view (literally) I can see that some of the nasty things said by either of the two characters were said defensively or under duress- so for the most part I can forgive a lot of the nastiness. (disclaimer. This does not mean the book is full of hate. I am just saying.. I can forgive. lol)

One of the best parts was watching their rocky friendship develop into a lovely sort of camaraderie between two equally clever characters. The way the relationships unfolded and changed with certain events in the characters lives rang true to me. 

I can say that the book was very cute and funny. The banter between Anna and James was very endearing- when they weren't fighting. I also enjoyed the brief internet dating fiascos throughout the novel- whenever the book would get especially serious, those parts were always there to lend a sort of lightheartedness to the story. They were sort of the comic relief for the harder parts of the book.

The book is a stand- alone. Which I love. I was very satisfied with the ending.

All in all, I enjoyed the book and would recommend to fans of adult books (although it can be read by a younger crowd) with a little romance, tough situations, and endearing characters fighting to find themselves in the adult world. Oh, and it was cute and funny! ;)



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  1. Believable characters, challenging, endearing, and funny - what a great combination!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

    1. No problem. It really was an interesting book to read and really made me think. (:


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