Wednesday, June 18, 2014

[Cover Reveal!] Benton: A Zombie Novel Volume 2! [Giveaway]

[Book 2 Cover Reveal]

[Book 1]
Benton: A Zombie Novel

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(Available in print after June 1)

Zombies have killed everyone in the Benton household--all except twenty-something Jennifer. She's escaped her bedroom, but what now? Waterbank, Illinois is overrun. Where can she go?

A chance encounter with seven other young survivors points her toward Texas. A charismatic, handsome young man named Mark says he can lead them all to his family's ranch. He's sure they'll be safe there. Jennifer wants to trust him, with her life and possibly her heart.

There's no place else to go, there's no way to escape the zombies but through, and there's no telling if Jennifer and Mark will live long enough to act on the emotion building between them.

Book- Marks The Spot is running a giveaway for a 5 dollar Amazon GC HERE. Go to the link. Like, comment, and share the image [at the link] to your Facebook or Twitter. Leave a link to where you shared and you are automatically entered! Again, this is a giveaway on Facebook that will last until June 22nd. (: You can share once daily. Tag friends for additional entries!

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