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Books Read this week 
(and by this week, I mean, since Jan 1st)

And before you ask, yes, I read Rule, then I skipped Jet and went straight to Rome. I have Jet. I didn't want to, but every time I picked Jet up, Rome would look at me all, "Hey girl, I just got back from the war all sexy and broken and I need a little lovin." And, well, I'm weak. :D I'll read Jet later. 
Also, I have started and gotten halfway through like 5 other books, too. I just haven't finished them yet. I have never been one to skip around books and leave them half- read, but all the stress is making me read in strange patterns. O.O 

I Also read: 


Books Read this week (since about Dec. 30th)


 Wait for You and Be with Me were everything that I thought they would be. *Swoon* CAM! lol but Stolen Songbird has made it to my top of far. This book was epic!! You need to read it. Tangled Web and Poisoned Web were pretty good too. Tangled Web was Way better than the second one. I haven't started the third one b/c I don't like the main female. I met her in book 1 and let me say she is something that rhymes with Witch. The Fine Line was a pleasant surprise. I've never read a book about racing....I haven't read Crash into You yet. but this one was fun and entertaining. Cowboy Crave was a clean Romance that has some heat (hot-tub anyone). I'm glad I snagged it while it was free. Such a Good book. I can't wait to read the next one! I will read any book by Shawntelle Madison. If I see her name on the cover I know it's going to be good. Repossessed was no different. Another awesome book. Keep a look out for my review for Repossessed & The Fine Line.

We will be back in school full force this upcoming week, so wish us luck. O.O

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