Thursday, January 9, 2014

[Sign Ups Open]: Waybrooke, a YA novel [Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Adventure, Romance]

Tour Details

Who can join: Goodreads reviewers, Amazon reviewers, facebook users, and review bloggers are all welcome. If you are signing on to review via goodreads or Amazon, then I will need a link to your review so I can link to it for the tour and share it to all the social media. Same with Facebook. Similar sites such as Booklikes welcome as well. 

Tour Date: March 24th- March 28th [2014]

Number of stops: 15 (will accept more)

Types of stops: Reviews (emphasis)
Dream- Cast (Author's Choice)
Dream- Cast (Blogger's Choice)
Playlist (Author- Choice)
Playlist (Blogger's Choice)
Author Interview **
Character Interview **
Guest post (Author Choice) **
Guest Post (Blogger's choice) **

**limited spots available.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Adventure, Romance

Character Age Group: Young Adult

Available formats: This book is available in electronic formats (ebook) and will be emailed to reviewers.

About the Book

Carrie Kent leaves her home in California to help at her Aunt Crystal's institute. There, she meets an interesting group of people with very interesting abilities. What starts off as a side job soon turns Carrie's life into chaos as she, and her new friends, face a secret criminal organization called E.Y.E who are willing to sacrifice everything in order to keep the group quiet.


March 24
Book- Marks The Spot [Guest Post- Author Choice]

March 25

March 26
Soycazadoradesombrasylibros [Review + DC, PL, or Interview]

March 27
Trojaks Travels [Review + DC + Interviews]

March 28
Rose and Bep's Blog [promo]

About the Author

Goodreads | Website
My name is Julia Barkey and I am sixteen years old. I write because I really can't imagine myself not doing so. Stories, characters, settings and plots are flowing through my mind almost constantly. I currently live with my parents, my brother, and my two younger sisters in the lovely state of Michigan. I published my first book 'Waybrooke' in August and am currently working on my next novel. I enjoy family time, playing games, crafting,and talking over coffee. 

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