Sunday, September 1, 2013

Open tours and Cover Reveals

Hello all! I decided to open a tour site since I adore promoting authors and messing with photos and just all around helping people out. Plus, tours are so much fun. ;) I need hosts for the below events and I will be adding another event shortly. This one- a New Adult time travel romance. BMTS TOURS

There will be a monthly giveaway for tour hosts. Find out more here.
You can gain an entry by becoming a host, following BMTStours blog, and participating in the promotions on the site. This includes all promotions: cover reveals, reviews, top 10, promo, etc.

Cover reveal for Flightless Birds. 
Flightless birds is getting a new cover on September 11th
Go HERE to sign up to help 

I am organizing a review only tour for Sactuary the first week of December. It is a review only tour with ebooks available to review. There is an EXTREMELY limited number of print copies available to bloggers with a good following. 
Go HERE to find out more about the book and sign up

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