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[Review] Tragic by J.A. Huss] ages 18+

Rook Walsh is TRAGIC

Because life so far – just sucks. Some girls get parents. Rook got the foster care system. Some girls get Prince Charming. Rook got an abusive frog. Some girls get lucky…

Rook got a second chance.

And she took it. Because when fate throws you a bone – you grab it with both hands and run.

Antoine Chaput knows the minute he spies Rook in his photography studio that she’s got The Look. The dark and desperate look he must have to land the exclusive TRAGIC media contract.

Rook is paired up with top model, Ronin, and he’s everything her abusive ex-boyfriend wasn’t. Patient, gentle, happy, attentive, and sexy! He knows exactly what to do to make Rook blush for Antoine’s camera. 

Rook’s luck changes in an instant and suddenly she’s the darling of the modeling world. It’s a dream job to go with a dream guy and all she has to do is look pretty and follow directions. But there’s always a price to pay – and Rook is about to get the bill.

New Adult Contemporary Romance *Mature Content* Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language usage


Rook and Ronin. Before I move onto my actual review,  I would just like to point out how confusing it is for you to have your two main characters- and alternating viewpoints in the story- have such similar looking names. I had to keep double- checking each time I got to a new section. And yes, there were a few times where I had to triple check because I got it wrong. There was one particularly awkward time where I thought Ronin was doing a sexy photo shoot with another model named Billy. Turns out, I misread whose thoughts I was reading. That was hilarious, but still It would have been easier to follow if there names had been different. HOWEVER, I love their names when they are individual from each other. and I love the origin of Rook's name. So to recap: love the character's names. But they are super confusing when used in conjunction with each other. 

Now, onto the actual characters and story-line  I loved the whole concept of the "tragic" girl who has so much going wrong for her all of a sudden getting lucky for the sole reason that she is "tragic". Did that make sense? It was that inner sadness and the fact that she was so down on her luck that got her the job as being the face of the "Tragic" model campaign. I am going to stop trying to explain it. If you didn't understand, then you didn't understand. But it was a great concept. 

The lead character, Rook (still love the name!), has a seriously concerning inner battle with herself throughout the entire book regarding control and what it means to be controlled by someone. I love her inner dialogue with herself when she is lost or confused, trying to decide what she should do or allow. It was really a deep read and Rook really earned- if not my love, then definitely- my admiration as a character. 

I do not like how the whole story and the progression of Rook and Ronin's relationship takes place over basically a week. However, this particular book is centered around a photo shoot, which apparently only takes around a week. AND Rook is keeping some perspective, which I like in a female lead. Don't just follow him around honey. no ma'am. Make educated decisions! (I sound like such a grandma right now..) Some of her reactions with Ronin were a bit confusing. Like she would claim one thing... and I just got confused around a certain couple of pages in the book. I.. I don't know. lol Ignore that. I have no idea where I was going with it. 

I  sometimes did not like Ronin's attitude when I was seeing him from Rook's eyes. When I was reading from his viewpoint, he was a complete doll. But she was right when she said he was a little posessive. I mean.. they had only known each other for a few days. But I can see how some of the things he did could be misconstrued by a girl with her background. I liked how I could dip into his head for a little while and have it cleared up. (: I love alternating views! 

This book was so steamy! I mean HOT! *fans self off* Me likes. (: 
Ah, it is good to read some steamy adult content every now and then. Lets me know I'm still alive. haha. And there was a lot of sexy flirting and such which I ate up. 

I like how, since the book only took place over a week or so, the next book should pick up where this one left off and I can see what is going to happen. 

And I WILL find out what happens...... I will. There is a lot of stuff I am just waiting to fall apart/ blow up/ happen! I know, I am such an optimist... haha. NOT! 

All in all? Tragic is a steamy read with a troubled, yet strong female lead and an irresistibly sexy, yet adorable male lead. A deadly combination? Or a recipe for love? Anything could happen and I am dying to find out what does!

Did I mention how much I adore the covers for the first and second book. Also, this is irrelevant.. but my  paperback copy of Tragic is so soft. Not in a creepy way, but in an... well, I guess there is no way that can't be creepy. O.O *strokes cover*

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