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A Stiff Kiss Blog Tour {Review+Giveaway}

Released: February 12th 2012
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press

Who knew kissing a corpse would change everything? Death always hits Xylia Morana too close to home, but she likes it that way. She hangs out with the terminally ill, attends random funerals, and every so often, when the weather is right, she sleeps in open graves. But after Landon Phoenix, the high school hottie, dies in Xylia's hands, she sneaks into the morgue to say goodbye. How could she know stealing a kiss from his corpse would wake him up? With Landon returned to the living and suddenly interested in Xylia, life has new meaning. But what Xylia doesn't realize is that by kissing Landon back to life, she's thrown Life and Death off balance. The underworld demands a body, and it might just have to be Xylia's this time.


 MY REVIEW!!!!!!

This was a very short and sweet read- although it deals with death and coming to terms with it. Xylia is shocked when she kisses Landon and he magically comes back to life. At first, she’s excited because she can ask him what it was like on the other side and then she starts to question how he is alive. Was he given a second chance or did she dabble where she didn’t belong. She knows after what happened she’s not supposed to talk to Landon, but it's harder than she thought. To make matters worse, her dad thinks she needs a if. Xylia had enough of everyone and wants to get away, what she doesn’t expect is Landon…

Xylia will find out what it’s like to forgive and that the world needs balance.

I’m going to start off by saying I’ve been dying to read this book ever since I won some swag from Mrs. Olive last year. I loved the cover and the description and I’m pleased to announce that the book doesn’t disappoint. I loved every minute of it and I wish it had been longer. I was sucked into Xylia’s life and everything that she was dealing with. This book is not just about Xylia kissing Landon back to life. It’s about Xylia cleaning out the skeletons in her closet. Everything just clicked together .Landon. the voices. I loved that Xylia is not your typical MC. She wears black and hangs out in cemeteries for fun, but you can still relate to her. And just as this book is about Xylia, it’s also about Landon. He plans a major role in helping Xylia come to terms with her life.

All in All, I really enjoyed this fast paced book and recommend it for people who want to get a chill up their spine. :D

Xylia: She likes to attend funerals and like to sleep in cemeteries. She wears all black because she thinks all the light in her life is gone. Since she was 12, she hasn’t been the same and now- years later- she wants answers. That’s all she’s ever wanted. My heart broke for her on several occasions and I think she was a very unique character.

Landon: When we first meet him he is just a guy that wants to get a full ride so he can get into college. After he dies, he changes. What does he really want to do with his life now that he’s gotten a second chance? Maybe he needs to break a few rules and take some risks. Good thing he’s got Xylia to help him out. ;) There is only one part where I didn’t like him, and it kinda threw me. It was at the end and it kinda made me question Xylia and Landon’s relationship……other than that, he was alright. 

4 STARS!!!!!!!!


"I grab a book for halftime, since reading is way more exciting than looking at cheerleaders, and head downstairs."

About the Author

Avery Olive is Canadian. She is married and has one child. When she’s not helping raise her very energetic and inquisitive son, she can be found working on her latest novel--where she devilishly adds U’s into every word she can.
When she is looking for a break Avery enjoys cake decorating, losing herself in a good book, or heading out to the lake to go camping. 
The release of Avery’s first novel proves to her it won’t be the last. As long as her family continues to be supportive, she can find the time, and people want to read, Avery vows to keep on writing.

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