Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blogoversary Day 2: How It All Started!!!! [Swag Giveaway!!]

Manic Mother

Hi guys and welcome to day 2 of our Blogoversary Giveaways!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever wonder why someone started a blog or what gave them inspiration to start one? Well here is our story of how it all began.......


So I didn't always read.. *GASP* I know I know what is wrong with me. I didn't start to read until the 9th grade. We had to do these assignments and take test on them. So these are the books that started me down the path towards all these other amazing books.

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Heaven by V.C. Andrews

Deep and Dark and Dangerous by Mary Downing Hahn

I'm pretty sure there were others, but these are the ones that I loved. :D So all this happened in the 10th grade and i moved back to my original school and met Snyder AKA Ryan. We already knew each other, but I guess we weren't good friends back then. I can't really remember it was so long ago, but we became fast friends. We were both CRAZY and loved books. LOL In the 12th grade we became Library Aides for our school library and we loved it. So now I'm on my way of becoming a Librarian. :D I still haven't said why we started the blog yet. LOL Well here is is

Snyder and I were sitting on the bed one day and I just looked over at her and said want to start a blog. She looked at me like I was crazy!! Which I am, but that's besides the point. We started brainstorming and had questions like what to name the blog, how do we set up a post, how do you even start and blog and get followers. We eventually found out and Snyder made all these practice blogs before we actually started ours and we named it Caught in a Snyderwebb, hence the URL. and the banner looked like this...

And that's how we started the blog. and as you can see it looks nothing like the pic above because of the lovely (Lisseth over @Readaholz) She took pitty on us and helped us out. :D

Tha goes to say that we met a lot of great bloggers and authors out there and we'd liked thank them for making this giveaway happen. A lot of this is swag is from street teams that we are on and we put their facebook links in the giveaways. Give them a like and they'd appreciate it. We will talk about all these lovely people that we met in another post, but for now enjoy this pic of the HUGE SWAG PACK :D

A ton of this stuff is signed, by the way.. ;)

There is bound to be more added as the days go on. We will add new pictures when new swag is added. or maybe just lave it as a surprise... ;) :D Good Luck and don't forget about the other giveaways that will be put up as the month does on. Our day 1 giveaway is for a box of books. You can enter for it on the post HERE or on the main Blogoversary Giveaway page located HERE [also at the top of the blog. ] Have fun and good luck! 


Well, unlike Tiffany, I did always read. I cannot even begin to tell you what books got me started. Um. Yeah, I have no idea. But I read all sorts of chapter books throughout my life and read whatever my mom happened to buy my sister and me. Winnie the Pooh series, Scooby Doo, and a bazillion other books from when I was very young. I went to kinder-garden already being an excellent reader (or so my mother likes to gloat. How the hell would I remember? that was 15 years ago...) Then when I got a little older, I moved on to Hank the cowdog, Cavit the wolf dog, The McGruff series,Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and anything else my mom would bring home or that I could check out from my elementary school library. I was your typical nerd: good grades, quiet, anti social, loved to read. I know, I know. How un- extraordinary and cliche. (: Then around the 7th/ 8th grade, I found all my mothers romance novels and started sneaking them from her room and things would never be the same. haha. They ruined me. I cannot possibly read a book without some semblance of romance in it.  And my mother, also being an avid reader and lover of paranormal, is also to blame for my adoration of the genre and other related genres. I found Urban Fantasy on my own, but paranormal romance? Yeah, that is a family thing. ;) My mother and I may not have much in common and we may argue, but we both share a love of reading. 

Haha. How me and Tiffany met. I remember we had a few classes together in middle school, particularly a Science class. We were friends in class, but did not communicate much outside of it. Hey, it was middle school. Back when you thought the friends you made in elementary school would be your friends forever. haha. Then she moved away. And moved back again in High School. We had a class together, I think, and I was talking to one of my other friends. I saw Tiffany and was like... I know that girl. haha. My friend was all... um... okay... But I was like, no really, her last name is Webb. I don't remember her first name, but we were friends in Middle school. She is hilarious. So, even after my friend begged me not to, I hollered at Tiffany one afternoon when we were waiting outside for the buses. I was all creepy about it, too. haha. That is just how I roll. It went something along the likes of.... "Hey! Hey, you! You there! Webb? I know you!" And for some reason she remembered me and was not put off by my weirdness and we have been velcroed... velcrowed. O.O VELCROED? glued to each other's sides ever since. And that is the history of SnyderWebb. ;)

And yeah, She was the one who decided we should start the blog. So, yes, you can thank her for that. ;) haha. <3 you guys. 

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