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Landing by J. Bennett Blog Tour {Review}

Will Maya's Nightmare Come True in Landing?
Fighting evil isn’t only high-stress, no pay, and uncomfortable as hell most of the time, it also doesn’t turn out to be quite as black and white as Maya would have hoped. As a hybrid angel struggling to control her murderous appetite, Maya should know better than to expect simplicity.  With one half-brother still convinced that she’s an unstable threat and the other oblivious to the danger she presents, Maya struggles to find a balance between her diminished humanity and the darkness of the monster within.
The world gets murkier when Maya discovers a pair of angels who invite her into their lives. Now, she must choose between family or the promise of acceptance. The stakes grow higher when Maya’s greatest enemy returns. Vengeance may be within her grasp, but will Maya have to sacrifice one she loves to take it?
Landing is J Bennett's action-packed, darkly-humorous sequel to Falling, and the second book in the paranormal Girl With Broken Wings series.  And yes, there will be plenty more Chuck Norris jokes.



My Review

I love these books, but it lacks something that I love, which is a love interest. I know she still loves Ryan and it’s going to be while for her to get over him. I just want a little spark and we maybe get that in this one. She thinks about this one guy, but its fleeting. Anyways enough talk about love. Maya and her brothers are still on the hunt for angels and things are still stressed between them. Tarren still wants to kill her and Gabe is well Gabe, trusting. So many things so down in this book I can’t keep them straight. We learn more about the boy’s childhood and Tammy. We learn more about angels and Maya finally confesses, to what you have to read the books. There was a lot of laughing and crying during this book, but mostly laughing. Gabe and Maya sure know how to make you laugh. The crying parts though; UGH I thought it was….I can’t speak of it. Just know that I cried and the boys cried and just leave it at that.

The books ended leaves much to the imagination. I can’t wait to see what happens. I know things are never going to be the same with the three of them though. At the end of the book everyone is changed. It leaves a lot of questions as well. One being that is someone still alive *cue intense music* I’m really curious. I think we learn more about Tarren in this book than anything. I loved getting to know him and I can’t help but to like him and hate him. Maya is still struggling with her hunger and wants more than anything to be accepted by Tarren and not screw up a hunt. Gabe is just full of life; nothing can really get him down, well not for long. He is what holds them all together, but what happens if he is not there anymore?

Overall: Landing was full of excitement, surprises, sadness, and laughter. What a combination. If you are a fan of Chuck Norris jokes, hunters, and angels this book is for you.


J Bennett is a professional copywriter, as well as a novelist. She lives and writes in Southern California.
She also writes the blog www.ShyWriter.com
Find J Bennett online at www.jbennettwrites.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jbennettwrites.

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Girl With Broken Wings
Falling (Book One)
Coping (Novella, 1.5)
(Book Two), To Be Released Jan 2013

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