Sunday, August 26, 2012

Review of The Pleasure Master by Nina Bangs 18+

My Thoughts

okay, this book was freaking hilarious. My favorite character wasn't really a character per say. He was a toy. A toy with a rotten sense of humor and a love of movie quotes. My favorite quote that he said was "If I'm not back in five minutes.... just wait longer." haha. Jim Carrey. sorry, I love Jim Carrey. I loved Kathy and her tough New York attitude. she was so sarcastic. I am also a huge fan of sarcasm. all in all, it was a cute read full of time travel, humor, and three- legged cats (okay. one three- legged cat). I guess I cannot complain too much about the excess talk of sex and seduction when the title of the book is The Pleasure Master. haha. anyway. It was really cute. but i liked it because it made me laugh. There were some things not to love about it. but then it is full of hot scottish guys running around in yeah. :)

There was actually not as much sex as you might think. lol.i know you all are thinking PORN. omg. no. There is a lot of talk of sex. Like i will please you like you would never believe, woman! (lol. not in those words) but mostly this book was funny and full of movie quotes.  I am not feeling a detailed review today,so forgive me. :)

( i know, i know. shortest review ever!)

Yes, these are hourglasses. :D time- travel


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