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Review of The Assassin's Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke

from Goodreads:

Ananna of the Tanarau is the eldest daughter of a highly-ranked family in the loose assortment of cutthroats and thieves in the Pirate's Confederation. When she runs away from the marriage her parents have arranged for her, they hire Naji the assassin to murder her.

When a mysterious woman in a dress shop offers her magical assistance for dealing with the assassin, Ananna accepts. She never went in much for magic herself -- she lacks the talent for it -- but she's not quite ready to die yet, either. Unfortunately, the woman's magic fails.

Fortunately, Ananna inadvertently saves the assassin's life in the skirmish, thus activating a curse that had been placed on him a few years earlier. Now, whenever her life is in danger, he must protect her -- or else he experiences tremendous physical pain. Neither Ananna nor the assassin, Naji, are pleased about this development.

Follow Ananna and Naji as they sail across the globe, visiting such mysterious places as the Court of Salt and Waves, in their desperate effort to lift the curse. Soon they will discover that only by completing three impossible tasks will they be able to set themselves free.

My Thoughts: 

received ebook/arc from netgally. YAY! so glad i got to read this. I am kind of bloodthirsty so the title and description were me!!!! moving on

where to start? ok, i will start by saying that i loved this book. I loved being inside ananna's head. I think what mad me love is so much was her grammar. I loved how she says "aint" all of the time. She is a pirate, so there is no need for he to have proper grammar. Naji, however, was educated in order to become an assassin (yes, assassin's go to school. everyone knows THAT :P) she would say something like: I aint a child. and he would, you aren't. haha. i felt like he may have been making fun of her, but i don't care. because i love them both. Ananna is a strong heroine who can take care of herself and ends up saving Naji more than he saves her. haha. i love it! This book had me laughing really hard quite a few times. When the guy gives Naji his three impossible tasks to break the curse, he says: (not exact words) Good luck with THAT, murderer. haha. i about died. For them to be so isolated, the magic people sure do like to make fun of/ hurt people. Like that one moron i will not name. gosh, i HATED her. and so did my girl, ananna (we have good instincts like that. pirate's instincts. oh yeah. ;D) Another part i loved was when she was freaking out and thought that Naji had turned into a fern. classic. haha. "I thought you had turned into a fern!" and his reaction? "oh" haha. he is so clueless.

 I hope we can learn more about him in the second half of the duology (which i have to wait FOREVER to read. D:) We learn a little about his character. He is like shrouded in mystery, which i like in a love interest/ leading man ;). I HAVE to know how he got his scar. He kind of broke my heart a little when he was mooning over SHE who will not be named. the..slimeball. (moving on) He is so self- conscious which is so ADORABLE, because he is this awesome BA bloodthirsty assassin hottie magic shadow man! (pardon my grammar. I'm a pirate)He hates the ocean. She loves it. He likes the desert. she hates it. this book ended on a clifffhanger, which i do not appreciate since i have to wait until the end of 2013 to find out what happens. 0.o. not cool, lady. not cool. I have no idea if you will enjoy this as much as i did. I am kind of weird. I have a strange sense of humor (i thought you turned into a fern!. haha)and i have an affinity for both Pirates and assassins. but i will highly recommend you read it when it comes out. I cannot wait to buy this sucker. I'll put it next to Graceling, my other favorite assassin book. seriously, the sequel needs to hurry up and find its way to my bedroom. i am just saying. Oh! and i hope to see people from the first book again in book 2. And i too wonder what it would be like to kiss an assassin. :D i bet its WONDERFUL. (i already told you guys i was weird) (well, a sweet Adorable awesome BA bloodthirsty hottie magic shadow man assassin, anyway. ) ;)


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