Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: Darkness Comes This Way (The Guardians of the Night #1) by Pixie Lynn Whitfield


 Zarah Duncan is a Guardian. It’s an elite job that protects humans and the untainted vampires from the real monsters: those lost to the bloodlust. Rogues infest the city. Missing humans, unsolved cases…Zarah knows what the real cause is and she’s been trained since childhood to destroy them.

But she has a haunting past that catches up one day. Zarah was Rogue once, and until her, no one else has ever cured from the poisoned state of mind before. She’s been labeled a miracle, and the mystery only builds. She gets the awful feeling there’s more to it than just a lucky magical come-back. There are deep, dark secrets being kept. Maybe her boss Nathanial knows something? When she gets paired with a partner, Draven Kinsley, it only adds more difficulty. He hates her and swears that with a single look, she’ll poison him. To make matters worse, her Rogue brother has to show up, and he brings with him a shocking announcement. What Zarah learns from him rocks her entire world upside down. She not only begins to question who and what she is anymore, but it can possibly change the Vampire race forever.

The scary part: someone else knows too…and they’ll do anything to get her special blood, spelling disaster for the humans that Guardians have secretly been protecting for decades.

Vampires, fallen angels, war, betrayal, and romance fill this Paranormal/Urban Fantasy debut, the first book to a high-action trilogy

My Thoughts:

First off I want to thank Pixie Lynn Whitfield herself for allowing me to read the finished eBook copy. THANKS!!

When I first started reading I had all these distractions AKA my nephews. When they finally went to sleep it was at 10 and i went back to reading(YAY)Welll I got sucked into the story, I stayed up until the early morning hours until I finished it.

I absolutely loved all the detail in the story. I could imagine everything in my mind esp. the characters, they felt so real. Draven was just a bunch of hotness!!! Zarah, well she's just pure awesome. She totally won me over when she punched a certain someone in the face(epic)Plus, I like reading about redheads. Thomas is Zarah's brother, I really wanted o hate him but i just couldn't do it. He is very likable.

The twist on the vampires was very unique. Let me tell you, you want to read this so you can see what I'm talking about.

I think that some people will love this and other won't like it, it just depends on what you like. Me on the other hand loved this and I highly recommend it to all my friends!!!

I give it 5 hearts <3<3<3<3<3

Snyder's review of this book on Goodreads Here


  1. I really like the cover, and the summary is definitely intriging! I haven't seen a book yet that combines vampires and fallen angels and that definitely interests me. Great Review!

    your newest follower,

  2. Thanks That means a lot to me. It really was a great book. Let me know what you think when you read it.


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