Monday, May 28, 2012

Another Fairy tale Fail

i met the man of my dreams yesterday. i was swimming on the beach and got caught in an undertow. man, i thought i was a goner for sure! then suddenly a man appeared and helped me swim back to shore. he helped me regain my balance when i was finally able to touch bottom again. i found myself studyuing him as i tried to catch my breath. he was so handsome! he had sea green eyes and whitish blonde hair. when i felt something touch my leg, i looked down and saw that he had fins! the handsome stranger who had saved me was a merman! i was liking him more and more the longer he held me up. i even found myself leaning into him. that it...until  my nose and lungs finally came back into sync and i caught this overpowering smell of fish! i mean.. it was nasty! im sorry.. but...i had to throw that one back. D:

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