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Pieces of my Heart (Pieces #2) by Jamie Canosa Blog Tour {Review + Giveaway}

**Warning: Contains spoilers

Kiernan Parks settled all the scores. He finished what he set out to do and then . . . he left.

He left Jade. Heartbroken and weary. Existing one day to the next. One breath after another. The only way she knew how to move forward, forever missing a piece of her heart. Until an unexpected surprise throws her volatile life into upheaval, once more.

He left Caulder. Guilt-ridden and grieving. Fighting to hold it all together. Not just for himself, but for the people he cares about. Staggering under the weight of his obligations.

He left them alone.

He left them together.


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Even though it’s been awhile since I read the first book, emotional swelled up at soon as I started reading the first page. All the moments from the first book kept running through my mind and they still cut deep. I knew from the first chapter that I was going to be an emotional mess by the end of the book. I was not disappointed and looked a wreck by the end. Jamie Canosa writes a powerful story that packs an emotional punch.

So every now and then I read a book that just blows me away and Pieces of my Heart is one of those books. I don’t think any other book has made me feel like this one has. This series is beautiful and if you haven’t read the first in the series I recommend you start it. But beware you will need to have tissues and something cuddly to hold…like a cat or stuffed animal….I have a wolf. I’m pretty sure after reading this book I looked a hot mess, no I know I looked awful. I cried all over myself and if I wasn’t reading it in the early morning I would have screamed a little. This just wasn’t a sad story though; it was about trying to pick yourself up and realizing that you just might need help. The characters in the story learned a lot about themselves throughout the story and I don’t think they knew they had the strength to pick themselves up.

I don’t really want to spoil anything about the first book, so I’m going to try and tread lightly on what I say. Jade also called Angel by Caulder is falling apart and doesn’t know if she can pick up the pieces. She is trying but she doesn’t know how much longer she can go on like this. As soon as she starts showing a semblance of life, someone enters her life that she never expected to see. This starts another downward spiral that Jade might not make it back from.

Caulder is keeping everything bottled up inside and trying to be strong for everyone, but it is killing him. His grades aren’t what they should be and he hasn’t really been doing anything. He can never forget Jade though. He wants to be there for her and for her to want him there. He knows he shouldn’t care about her the way he does, but there is just something about her. Kiernan broke both of their hearts into little pieces.
 I loved Caulder in this book and I hate to say it but he may have stolen my heart more than Kiernan did. He was so emotional in this book when he was so hard in the first. Caulder is more than just a pretty face and body.

What happens when you put two people together that have broken hearts? Maybe they just might make a whole.  

Overall: Piece of my Heart will always be a part of my heart and I will always remember it. I plan to read it again and again. This book may be dark and gloomy most of the time but it’s inspirational as well. This is a must read of 2014!!!


 Author Info:
Jamie Canosa is a full time author of YA/NA literature, which she absolutely loves. When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, she can usually be found with her nose in a book. She currently resides in Upstate NY with her husband, and their three crazy kids . . . plus the cats, the bird, and the rabbit.

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  1. Thank you so much for being part of the tour! <3

  2. Wow the story sounds so pretty & emotional too. I've read books where it just resonated and even if it took me years to read the next one, my heart sort of remembers similar to your experience here.

    Happy weekend!

    1. Oh yeah! I was pretty much was a wreck after the first one and this one opened almost closed wounds. I loved reading it though, Jamie is a fantastic writer.


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