Sunday, September 2, 2012

Update #LDRAT and Book Poem Challenge

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Today I managed to read Death and the Girl Next Door by Darynda Jones. That means I have two down ans two more to go. I got to thinking about the other books I wanted to read and I'm not feeling them, so I may read some other books. I don't know what I want to read but I will read something tonight. Also, Amanda @Letters Inside Out posted a challenge for us. All we have to do is take the books we own or covers of the books and make a poem. I did one of these during the Origin Oltmpics and it wasn't so great. I hope this one is a lot better. Let me know what you think. Here we goooooooo.......

If you can't read it, it goes like...

Everlasting, Passion
Everlasting, Torment
Everlasting, Bliss
The Eternal Kiss

I know it's not the best but, it's all i could come up with and it took me forever. If you are doing the read-a-thon, how are you doing so far? Also, if you did a poem, I'd love to read it. :D

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