Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review of Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

Senior year is over, and Lucy has the perfect way to celebrate: tonight, she's going to find Shadow, the mysterious graffiti artist whose work appears all over the city. He's out there somewhere—spraying color, spraying birds and blue sky on the night—and Lucy knows a guy who paints like Shadow is someone she could fall for. Really fall for. Instead, Lucy's stuck at a party with Ed, the guy she's managed to avoid since the most awkward date of her life. But when Ed tells her he knows where to find Shadow, they're suddenly on an all-night search around the city. And what Lucy can't see is the one thing that's right before her eyes 

My Thoughts:

I actually read this book back in the end of June (the 27th according to goodreads) which means i am a slacker. oh well. :D I loved this book. 

I do not know what it is with me and alternating viewpoints, but i absolutely adore that style of writing. We get to know both of the characters SO much better than if we were just getting the story from just the man or just the woman. I love being inside both of the characters heads. 

more about the book, itself. This book actually takes place over the period of  a few hours. I mean, not even a whole day. But, as the author demonstrates to us, a lot can happen in a day. 

Lucy is a silly girl with a notion in her head that the perfect guy for her is the artistic graffiti artist called shadow. His paintings make her feel like there is someone in her town that appreciates art like she does. she imagines he is the perfect gentleman and that he is flawless in every way. anyone who puts as much feeling into their paintings has to be a great guy, bordering on Mr. Darcy. After being corralled into a triple date with Ed, with whom she had the most embarrassing first date with her sophomore year,  she decides to get serious about finding her dream man, Shadow.

Ed is a complicated guy. He has enough on his plate without having to deal with the most embarrassing date of HIS life. He wants to avoid Lucy just as much as she wants to avoid him. But after getting trapped into the group date as well, he then gets roped into helping Lucy around town to find all the locations Shadow has been known to paint. The sooner she finds shadow and realizes he isn't perfect, then the sooner she will stop chasing the poor guy around. 

Ed and Lucy have a few epic adventures on her bike in their quest to find the mysterious shadow. the question is... will the shadow of her reality be as good as the man she has created in her head? well, there is only one way to find out..... read the book. :p

This book was so cute. the only thing that kind of annoyed me was how the author kept saying arse instead of just coming out and saying ass. I thought it was just silly with the amount of times the word was said in the book. other than that it was a cute, funny, quick read. :) 

I gave this bad boy 5 stars because I..

While reality is not as perfect as fantasy, sometimes it is just as good. :) 

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