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{Review} Coping by J. Bennett Blog Tour

This exciting follow-up to Falling (Book one of the Girl With Broken Wings series) finds Maya intent on joining her half-brothers in their secret war against the genetically-enhanced killers that call themselves angels. Still trying to cope with her new abilities and the hunger that threatens to overwhelm her, Maya may be more of a hindrance than a help to her brothers as they take on a new mission and make a grisly discovery.

Coping is a fast-paced novella that brings readers back into Maya’s darkly-humorous world where angels are not the good guys, the heroes don’t wear tights, and getting in over your head just means it’s Tuesday. Join Maya, Gabe and Tarren for more blood, bullets, and Chuck Norris jokes in Coping. (Approx. 23,000 words.)


Coping was only 70 pages long so this review isn’t going to be that big. It’s what happens after Falling and before Landing.

Coping starts with Maya and her brothers ending a mission and beginning a new one. They are hunting down angels one by one, but they have no idea how many were made. The new job they are on is a simple one or so they think. We they find him, it is worse than what they thought. They are under prepared, but when has that ever stopped Maya’s brothers. Maya’s brother’s been through a lot of hard situations, but they still get up every morning and try to make the world a safer place. Even if Tarren never smiles.

In Coping we get to see Tarren maybe warming up to Maya and by that I mean there are less scowls. Lol Tarren and Gabe actually let Maya be a part of a mission. Maya reflects on her past and makes big decisions for her future. I recommend reading Coping before Landing because I think you need to have an idea of what’s going on with everyone and what their mindset is.

Overall: A short read that not only let’s us see progress in Maya’s relationship with her brothers, but also Maya taking a stand. 


J Bennett is a professional copywriter, as well as a novelist. She lives and writes in Southern California.
She also writes the blog
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