Thursday, January 16, 2014

[Sign- Ups Open] Rule of Thumb [New Adult Sci-Fi/ Adventure Novel]

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Who can join: Goodreads reviewers and review bloggers are all welcome. If you are signing on to review via goodreads or Amazon, then I will need a link to your review so I can link to it for the tour and share it to all the social media. Same with Facebook. Similar sites such as Booklikes and Amazon reviews welcome as well. 

Genre: Sci- Fi, Adventure

Character Age group: New Adult and Adult

Preview of book [first 2 chapters] available on Amazon: Preview Link

Available stops: 
Review (Need these the most)
- Excerpt
- Promos
- Author Interview**
- Guest post (Author Choice)**

- Guest Post (Blogger's choice)**

** Limited stops available

Available Dates: Month of April

Number of Stops: 25 (may accept more based on demand)

Available Formats: PDF, Mobi, and Epub

Distribution: ebooks will be distributed via smashwords coupon

Giveaway: There will be a tour wide rafflecopter giveaway ran in conjunction with this tour.

About the Book

Rule of Thumb
Balance of Power # 1
The network of the future is always on...until THEY cut you off. In a world where losing your connection to the worldwide social network means becoming a Nameless one, privileged elite Adrien Faulk will find out all too quickly just what it means to be cut off. Faulk's journey to find a lost pair of binoculars will lead him from the mean streets of near-future New York City to an ancient Mayan pyramid in Guatemala. He'll come face-to-face with a global mystery, a cybernetic assassin and a crazed, technological cult. Along the way he'll find a prophecy about mankind's destiny among the stars and answers to what it means to be an individual, a hero....and maybe, what it means to be human. 
But will he find out what he needs to know in time to save us all?


About the Author

Scott Baughman

Born in the midlands of South Carolina, Scott spent his early years reading great science fiction novels, mysteries, fantasy books and the Choose-your-own-adventure series of the 1980s. Baughman knew he wanted to be a writer by the third grade, where as an elementary school student on career day he eschewed the fireman, soldier or policeman costumes to dress up as a fedora-wearing, camera-snapping member of the press. Today, several newspaper jobs and journalism writing awards behind him, he has published the first book of his Balance of Power science fiction series - Rule of Thumb! He is the father of two sons and lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Meda and their dog, Mayer.

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