Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh My Lord. Mind = Blown. :O

Stay tuned. I am freaking out here. O.o (like a book in a parallel universe...twilight one.. de nee nee nee dee nee nee nee. that was my twilight zone music..)

Alright. As you may have already read from Kevin. I returned from an impromptu trip to West Virginia with my sister ad her husband yesterday. We were there for a few days in the Mountains. We stayed in a national park in the hopes of seeing a black bear. plus my bother in law's family lived near the park. ok. We were around a tiny town called Pocahontas County (where Brad, my brother in law) grew up.  It was lovely. :). While I was there, I saw more deer in one day than I have seen in my entire life. Awesome.  We went on a god awful long and REALLY HIGH UP walk to the Seneca Falls in the woods. After we went to Bear town (and saw no bears. boo!) Then we went on a walk in a Cranberry bog and saw a baby black bear -from far away i am nearsighted and he was through really thick shrubs...but i saw him. ;)- but i digress.. I must mention that they were in a blackout zone in the mountains after some tornadoes hit and took out the power lines so the whole time we were up there, there was no power. And they already minimal cell towers. Cut off from civilization. That is why I could not blog. or read on my computer. plus it was too pretty to sit around reading. I was off looking for bears. ;) It was hot as the devil! But the mountains were so pretty. I will share some pics later. My camera is being special right now.

Now on to what is freaking me out. Kevin bought a book and i have had it for a week or so and been meaning to read it. I decided an hour or so ago to read it. I mean I was excited about it, but I was so excited about it that i put off reading that makes sense?. Anyway, I am so glad i decided to read it Post- West Virginia road trip because they would not have gotten me to leave the house if i had read it beforehand. I will tell you why.

The main character in this book is a chick. (Yay! :D) She has a book blog. [cool! :)] Her dad died almost 3 years ago. (huh. strange coincidence. me too)  Her mom and her just moved to a small town in West Virginia [haha. hey, that's trippy. I just visited a small town in West Virginia :/] She is at a scene now where she is going on a Walk near the Senaeca rocks. [wow. :(]. While she is walking near the Senaeca rocks she sees a Black Bear [ O.O Oh my god. Mind = Blown] and the bear tries to eat her [ALRIGHT THAT IS IT I NEED A BREAK FROM THIS BOOK! FREAKING OUT OVER HERE!  D: *hyperventilates* Kevin did not warn me!! ah! alright it is a good book though. I shall get back to it.

Plus the main character was walking in the woods with a Sexy guy when she saw the bear. I was with my sister, her husband and like 10 kids and Brad's (bro in law's) sister.

Ima finish this trippy book now. I have only one question..... Um. Where is my hot guy that is supposed to have walked in the woods with me. seriously. *sigh* Life. :/

alright. this post is too naked. It needs Pics. since my camera is touched, i shall have to pull up pictures from google.
This is a lookout tower at the battlefield state park. I have a horrible terrible embarrassing fear of heights and i went in this thing. look past the tower. It overlooks the town below it. I am not sure if the town below it was Pocahontas county or not. it probably wasn't. this is built on a cliff by the way. very high up. *gulp*
This is a picture of Pocahontas county. :) I know, impressive.  well. it is either Pocahontas county...or the town below the lookout tower. le google. 

Appalachian Mountains (this picture kind of does them justice. but they are much more beautiful. :) again, this is a Google pic

Picture of a road near Pocahontas county (where we were near)  (

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