Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Liebster Blog Award :D

Books-Marks the Spot has actually been awarded two liebster awards one from Lisseth @Read-A-holicZ and the other one from Kit @Kitty Korner Library. How cool are they, if you haven't checked out there blog, do so. The real question what is a Liebster Award, it is given ti blog that have under 200 followers. What does Liebster mean, it is a German word which means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome. I feel so loved :D

What you have to do:

  1. Each person must post 11 facts about themselves.
  2. Answer 11 questions the tagger has given you and 11 questions for the people you tag.
  3. Tag 11 more bloggers!
  4. Tell them you tagged them.
  5. No tag backs!!!
Since we got two awards Snyder will do one set of questions and I'll do the other. Unfortunately we will only be tagging 11 bloggers together, 22 blogs is just too many :P

11 facts about moi (Tiffany)

  1. I do not have my Driver's License and I am 19 years old (sad, I know)
  2. I am currently standing at 5'4, I'm not getting any taller :(
  3. I read every single day unless I go to a friends house AKA Snyder's house.
  4. My favorite color is Sky Blue.
  5. I am the proud aunt of my two nephews
  6. My favorite movie is Gladiator ( I love Russel Crowe)
  7. I am deathly afraid of cockroaches ( I actually had to kill one this morning, it took me forever to calm down. I got a little sick afterwards).
  8. I am a cat LOVER ( but I will not be the crazy old cat lady)
  9. I plan on becoming a librarian in the future :D
  10. I don't like to do anything unless it is all planed out. I have to know the details. ( I don't like winging it)
  11. I'm afraid to be alone. ( I can't do anything by myself, I'm working on it now and I have progressed)

Questions from Lisseth:

 1. How long have you been blogging?
About two months now, YAY!
 2. What genre do you blog about?
I will blog about almost anything. I like a variety of genres. I don't like biographies though, so none of those. LOL
 3. Where are you from?
I am form Sweet Home Alabama.
 4. Do you have any ARC's right now, if so what?
I actually just got my first one last week. It's Darkness Comes this Way by Pixie Lynn Whitfield. If you haven't read it you should. I have a review and excerpt from the book on the blog.
 5. What are you currently reading?
I am currently trying to read Moonglow by Kristen Callihan. I'm real busy this week with school.
 6. Where would you travel in the world, if you could?
I would totally go to Ireland. Snyder and I both want to go there actually. I think I see a trip there in the future LOL We actually have another trip planned for November, I'll tell you guys about that in another post :D
 7. Do you usually read mainstream or indie authors?
I just pick up what catches my fancy. So I read both.
 8. What is your favorite web game to play?
I don't really play web games. I did like this one where you had to make blizzards for customers, I don't remember what it is called.
 9. Do you go more on twitter or facebook?
Facebook without a doubt. I refuse to make a twitter.
 10. How many books are in your TBR pile?
On my Goodreads I have 604, I really want to read all of them.....I have high hopes.
 11. What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is chicken!!! I eat it all the time. My Grandma once said that if I don't stop eating chicken I'm going to turn into one. (true story)

11 facts about me ( Snyder)
  1.  I am afraid of: drowning, heights, flying, tornadoes, thunderstorms, rejection (one of these things is not like the other...lol) and a whole bunch of other stuff
  2.  I am obsessed with quoting movies and saying: What movie?. mostly disney or cartoons. lol. im so weird. D:
  3.  um. i am 19 and have never been asked out, dated, had a boyfriend. I think i am man- repellant. shocking, i know.
  4. My actual name is Ashley. My middle name is Ryan. (haha. betcha didn't know that one.)
  5.  I am always letting random jokes slip out of my mouth. and they are all LAME. oh, i have tried to repress them. It...doesn't work.
  6.  I have  a tendency to slip into random accents from messing around most of my life and trying to make my family laugh. sometimes it doesn't even sound like a real accent. its like...blended. I am told this isn't normal. it gets annoying, actually. gah!
  7. people are constantly looking at me like i am insane. I probably am
  8.  I have a love of awesome animals to make up for hate fact that I, Ashley, am not so awesome.  said animals include: Dragons, sharks, t-rex..es, komodos,and wolves.
  9.   I wish i was a BA monster ninja assassin chick like the femme fatales  i love to read about.
  10.  I think it would be so friggin cool to be a shifter. To be able to be a wolf or dragon or something would be TOTALLY AWESOME ;)
  11.   I am really good at making fun of my self/ self- depreciating jokes. I love to make people laugh, even at my own expense. (especially at my own expense) i would rather it be at my expense than someone else. :P

 Questions from Kit:

1. Why did you start blogging?

because I LOVE reading and my best friend, Kevin (Tiffany) who is also my co- blogger wanted to start a book blog. So naturally, we started a blog together. :)

2. What's your favorite element in a book?

Element, like how? I'll just answer how I feel even if I sound silly. I love a book with a strong female character, preferably an awesome chick who isn't afraid of anything and can kick butt when needed. Paranormal element? Yes, please. ;) I love magic and mayhem

3. How did you come up with your blog name?

Okay. At first we uses Caught in a Snyderwebb (our Url) my last name is Snyder. her last name is Webb. Not hard to figure out. but we wanted a book related name. Communicating via email, just last week, we emailed each other any names we could come up with. back and forth until I tallied it up and we had 77 names in our list. I kid you not. lol. So we decided that we could make cuts. I deleted a few names and sent the revised list to her. then she did the same thing. We did it a few times until we had 3 left, then we decided together. ta-da. Kevin came up with Book- Marks the spot, by the way. Out of the 63 names I came up with out of 77. :) (cool story, bro)

4. What are your hopes for your blog?

I actually do not want a huge following. If that happens, great. We will adapt to the following. I will even be excited, but I want people to come to out blog because they want to talk shop (books) with us.  We eventually want to do giveaways because we know we love them, so of course everyone else does too! 

5. What's your favorite book?

wow. Alright, I will admit i have a bunch of books I love. There are ones I cannot wait to buy and so forth. To date, however, I have yet to find a book that I will claim irrevocably as my favorite. Hoping it will happen. Wishing I will find a book that totally captures my heart and keeps it. (some have tried)

6. How many books are in your to-be-read pile?

Grief. I will go with goodreads. um... i have a few different TBR piles on goodreads.. combined...i have... roughly 2240. Alot of those I probably wont end up reading though. so..yeah. 

7. How many books do you read in a year?

I have no earthly idea

8. When did you start blogging?

about 2 months ago

9. Do you review every book you read?

aw, heck no

10. How do you pick a book?

It depends on what you are in the mood for. contemporary? eh, not today. paranormal? um...maybe. western? yes! ooh this cover is pretty! haha. but seriously, it depends on my mood.

11. What would you like to tell your followers?

I am sorry I wrote such long and rambling answers. I am a rambler. Aside from that,  I hope to entertain and inform you with my future reviews. Thank you for taking time out of your busy blog cruising to stop by Book- Marks the Spot. :) take care.

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Questions for the Bloggers we tagged:

  1. How long have you been blogging?
  2. Why did you want to start blogging?
  3. Where are you from?
  4. What is your favorite movie?
  5. What are your hopes from your blog?
  6. What are you afraid of?
  7. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
  8. If you could have one super power what would it be and why?
  9. Who is you favorite book crush?
  10. Do you review every book you read?
  11. How many books do you plan to read this year?


  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! I am so excited! http://breatheinbooks.blogspot.com


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