Saturday, June 9, 2012

Across the Hall by N.M. facile

i posted this review on Goodreads forever ago, but decided to share it here, also. so here it is.

Across The Hall
by N.M. Facile

Sylvia O'Mara has spent the last four years trying to get over her high school sweetheart, who after breaking off their relationship left town without any reasons. With the help of her friends she has moved on and started dating a mysterious bad boy. She isn't happy, but she's content; until she meets the new neighbor.

Quinn Lobato has recently moved to Minneapolis to finish college close to his parents. His mother found the perfect apartment for him close to campus and assured him it has everything he needs. Quinn has had his own hurtful past and is looking forward to starting med school and a new life.

Little do they know that what they each need is waiting just across the hall.

My Thoughts

I loved how the book switched every chapter to the others viewpoint. chapter one: Sylvia. chapter 2: Quinn. and it alternated all the way up until chapter 25. that was a great way to tell it. this book had some really sad parts. there was almost too much sad for me, but it created drama. i hated beau, oh did i hate him. lol. i liked him at first when she liked him, and i started to hate him before she did, but she got there. I was like...leave her alone! she was kind of a strange character at first and seemed hind of messed up, but i learned that that is how she handles things. the prologue jumped kind of too far ahead for me. i know it backtracked on the things we missed in their lives, but 31 years is a lot to miss. even though i love how it showed hey still loved each other after all that time and they had an amazing family and still had their awesome friends. I like how it wasn't just...happily ever after when they worked stuff out. they were older and graying and were in their fifties...but they still had fifty more to spend with each other and add to their legacy. great love story. 

Dislikes: The storyline is a little bit overdone. There was just so much tragedy! I mean, this book depressed me, then lifted me up, then depressed me, then lifted me up. 


  1. Wow, this book sounds pretty interesting. I like the POV shifts per chapter. Keeps things interesting.

  2. it really does. i'm reading another book that does that every few chapters, but it is not nearly as put together as Across the Hall. I don't suppose it is easy to write a book with that format and make it work as well as it did.


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