Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Avengers:

The Avengers was such an AWESOME movie!!!! It is soooo worth the money that you pay to watch it. I suggest that everyone go see it, Not next week this week lol This is the very first post and we're getting used to it. If I left anything out Snyder will be sure to write something about it. She will probably be mad how I didn't talk about the movie, I'll leave that to her.

 You forgot the best part of the movie: 
meeeeeeow. ;)

on a more serious note: this is my all time favorite movie. there was so much sarcasm. It made me laugh so hard. i want the above picture as a poster. My 3 favorites: hawkeye, Thor, and Tony Stark. who doesn't love iron man. the animation in this movie was AMAZING. Oh man, did i love it. action, hot guys, and lots of arrows. *sigh* Hawkeye <3 

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